Alliance NPC Spec Quality Level Armor Level Weapon Level
Stormforged Valarjar Blood Death Knight6499159159
Valarjar Aspirants Valarjar6499158158
Greater Elementals Blood Death Knight649700
Lesser Elementals Elementals649700
Defias Thieves Blood Death Knight6393220220
Gang of Bandits Brigands6393221221
Netherlight Paragons Blood Death Knight6391235235
Shieldbearer Phalanx Blood Death Knight6387224224
Squad of Squires Silver Hand Recruits6387223223
Ox Masters Frost Death Knight6367230230
Ox Adepts Blood Death Knight6367229229
Ox Initiates Student of The Ox6367228228
Squad of Archers Bowmen6386148148
Daughters of Cenarius Blood Death Knight638100
Dreamgrove Treants Forest Friends638100
Swarm of Wild Imps Blood Death Knight6210200
Pack of Imps Demonic Horde6210200