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Name Level Type Item Level Followers Cost Duration Follower XP Rewards
Back in My Day... Exhausting

A true warrior would only hunt a sub in bad weather. Barefoot. In arctic waters. Against the current. Both ways.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Bring Home the Bacon Exhausting

Frostboar Point is tactically worthless; it hardly merits a carrier patrol. Somehow the Horde has discovered our plans to export the area's boars.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Broken Horn Village Exhausting

These destroyers plan to shell a Laughing Skull village near the Iron Docks. It's our closest foothold against the Iron Horde. We can't lose it.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Felblazer Exhausting

These ships were loaded with containers of raw fel before they left Ironhold Harbor. Wherever they're headed, we must destroy them and their deathly cargo.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Hoard Overboard Exhausting

Rumor has it a cargo fleet recently sank out here, far from land. Unfortunately we're not the only ones who've heard this rumor.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Luck Is Also a Skill Exhausting

Battleship counters destroyer, but carrier counters battleship. Sub counters carrier, but destroyer counters sub. In short, luck will decide this fight.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
One, Two... Plenty Exhausting

Outmanned thirty to one. Alliance weaklings would call this a risky fight. In the Horde, we call it a target-rich environment.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Oops, We Hit Them Again Exhausting

The Iron Horde keeps sending fresh workers and supplies to the Dark Portal. Should we take pity and let their ships through so they can rebuild it? No.

100Ship-Combat2× 5000 18 hrs0
Riders on the Storm Exhausting

These two vessels are heading south in a hurricane. Even Hellscream wouldn't have sent them out unless their mission was dire. We must intercept them.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Rob's Test Mission

kill stuff

0Ship-Combat2× 100 5 sec0
Shattered Light Exhausting

Demons and Shadow Council agents have overrun much of Shattrath. Even so, we will keep fighting. We shall not yield while the Alliance still stands.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Sink or Swim Rare

You've never lived until you've taken down an enemy vessel while you're both flirting with watery disaster.

100Ship-Combat2× 2000 4 hrs0
Skeleton Crew Rare

This sub just limped back home for repairs, only to find the harbor nearly deserted. Finish off the sub while we keep the enemy busy elsewhere.

100Ship-Combat2× 2000 4 hrs0
Spoiling for a Fight Exhausting

So what if they're nowhere near Horde or Alliance waters? Sooner or later, they will be.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Spring Is Never Coming Exhausting

The orcs who named the Coldsnap Coast didn't mean that its weather was a temporary cold spell. They meant the cold would snap most people in two.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Strait and Narrow Exhausting

An enemy carrier has seized control of the Darktide Strait. Losing that waterway would hurt Horde shipping concerns worldwide. Our course is clear.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Subtle Plans Are Here Again Exhausting

Subtlety isn't really Hellscream's strong suit. Probably these ships thought the mountains would hide their approach.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
The Cerulean Lagoon Exhausting

The name sounds peaceful, but your crew should bring gas masks. The atmosphere here tends to be toxic, which is doubtless why the Horde sent a sub.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
The Search for Red Dawn Rare

An Iron Horde submarine is making a break for our shipyard. Take it out.

100Ship-Combat1× 500 10 sec0
The Stonefury Cliffs Exhausting

Bloodmaul ogres live here alongside their ogron masters, who constantly hammer the ground with boulders. All in all, it's a fun getaway spot.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Toxic Behavior Rare

Iron Horde forces have been harvesting potent toxins in the Writhing Mire and using them in combat. Now they're shipping a batch of toxins north.

100Ship-Combat2× 2000 4 hrs0
Try Evading This Exhausting

These bastards have been playing tag with our forces, landing hits on our forces, only to evade our counterattacks. It's hurting our troops and their morale.

100Ship-Combat2× 5000 18 hrs0
While the Iron Is Hot Exhausting

Although goren infest the Molten Quarry, iron ore is plentiful there. So are Alliance scum. Don't let that destroyer secure their grip on the area.

100Ship-Combat2× 3000 8 hrs0
Windroc Bay Exhausting

Surely these vessels are just ferrying bird enthusiasts to the bay. Not beast tamers who plan to enslave its massive hydras for the Iron Horde. Surely.

100Ship-Combat2× 5000 18 hrs0