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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Gloves of Piscine Attraction
272Hands Odor Coater Cloth
Gloves of Purchased Time
55Hands Ogre Combat Cloth
Gloves of the Crackling Storm
162Hands Lightning Definitely Strikes Twice Cloth
Gloves of the Infernal Nocturnal
53Hands A Bird of Legend Cloth
Gloves of Tormented Recollection
174HandsQuest Cloth
Gloves of Troggslaying
305Hands Mystic Masters Cloth
Gnoll Casting Gloves
2217Hands Cloth
Gnomish Casting Boots
108Feet Show Them Gnome Mercy! Cloth
Gnomish Goggles
42HeadCrafted Cloth
Gnomish Inventor Boots
49Feet Rescue OOX-09/HL! Cloth
Gnomish Mind Control Cap
47HeadCrafted Cloth
Gnomish Rocket Boots
45FeetCrafted Cloth
Goblin Construction Helmet
41HeadCrafted Cloth
Goblin Nurse Hat
1Head Cloth
Goblin Nurse Hat 2
46Head Cloth
Goblin Rocket Boots
45FeetCrafted Cloth
Goblin Rocket Helmet
47HeadCrafted Cloth
Goldrinn Acolyte's Cowl
30Head Brood of Seldarria Cloth
Gold-Trimmed Cuffs
111Wrists Success! Cloth
Gordunni Cord
51595Waist Cloth
Gordunni Cowl
51595Head Cloth
Gordunni Handwraps
51595Hands Cloth
Gordunni Leggings
51595Legs Cloth
Gordunni Robe
51595Chest Cloth
Gordunni Sandals
51595Feet Cloth
Gordunni Shoulderpads
51595Shoulders Cloth
Gordunni Wristwraps
51595Wrists Cloth
Gorge's Loungewear
138Legs The Plains of Nasam Cloth
Gossamer Belt
4641WaistLooted Cloth
Gossamer Boots
4540FeetLooted Cloth
Gossamer Bracers
4540WristsLooted Cloth
Gossamer Gloves
4641HandsLooted Cloth
Gossamer Headpiece
4742HeadLooted Cloth
Gossamer Pants
4742LegsLooted Cloth
Gossamer Robe
5045ChestLooted Cloth
Gossamer Shoulderpads
4641ShouldersLooted Cloth
Gossamer Tunic
5045ChestLooted Cloth
Gourmand's Sash
53Waist You Gotta Have Eggs Cloth
Gown of the Last Priestess
35Chest The Shell of Shadra Cloth
Gown of the Last Priestess
35Chest The Shell of Shadra Cloth
Grassland Sash
20Waist Cloth
Gray Woolen Robe
2116ChestCrafted Cloth
Greater Adept's Robe
2318ChestCrafted Cloth
Green Linen Bracers
127WristsCrafted Cloth
Green Silk Armor
3328ChestCrafted Cloth
Green Silken Shoulders
3631ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Green Tinted Goggles
30HeadCrafted Cloth
Green Woolen Robe
1813ChestCrafted Cloth
Green Woolen Vest
1712ChestCrafted Cloth
Greenblood Pantaloons
105Legs Solving the Problem Cloth
Greenkeeper's Pantaloons
105Legs Cloth
Greenleaf Handwraps
50Hands Cloth
Greenweave Bracers
2116WristsLooted Cloth
Greenweave Gloves
2520HandsLooted Cloth
Greenweave Leggings
2722LegsLooted Cloth
Greenweave Mantle
2621ShouldersLooted Cloth
Greenweave Robe
2722ChestLooted Cloth
Greenweave Sandals
2318FeetLooted Cloth
Greenweave Sash
2217WaistLooted Cloth
Greenweave Vest
2722ChestLooted Cloth
Grimfrost Arcanist Robe
512Chest Cloth
Grips of the Void
114Hands Enraged Spirits of Air Cloth
Grom'gar Wolfskin Slippers
517Feet Cloth
Grom'tor's Bloodied Bandage
114Waist The Cipher of Damnation - The First Fragment Recovered Cloth
Grounded Gloves
154HandsQuest Cloth
Growing Cord
39085WaistLooted Cloth
Growing Cowl
39085HeadLooted Cloth
Growing Handwraps
39085HandsLooted Cloth
Growing Leggings
39085LegsLooted Cloth
Growing Robe
39085ChestLooted Cloth
Growing Sandals
39085FeetLooted Cloth
Growing Shoulderpads
39085ShouldersLooted Cloth
Growing Wristwraps
39085WristsLooted Cloth
Grunt Vest
22Chest Cloth
Gryphon Rider's Bracers
174Wrists You'll Need a Gryphon Cloth
Gryphon-Down Scarf
31Head Razorbeak Friends Cloth
Gunnery Gloves
318Hands Everything But the Kitchen Sink Cloth
Hakkari Shroud
55Head Cloth
Haleh's Warm Legwraps
54Legs Winterwater Cloth
Hammered Bracers
318Wrists Crushing the Wildhammer Cloth
Handguards of Restrained Brutality
272Hands Lycanthoth the Corruptor Cloth
Hands of Darkness
2924HandsCrafted Cloth
Hands of the Chosen
42Hands Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof Cloth
Hands of the Chosen
42Hands Grimtotem Chiefs: Elder Stormhoof Cloth
Handstitched Linen Britches
149LegsCrafted Cloth
Harlequin Robes
22Chest Cloth
Harvester Boots
13Feet It's Alive! Cloth
Harvester's Robe
15Chest Cloth
Hazecover Boots
54Feet A Little Slime Goes a Long Way Cloth
Headbinder's Crown
154HeadQuest Cloth
Heap Leggings
108Legs It's a Fel Reaver, But with Heart Cloth
Heavy Linen Gloves
105HandsCrafted Cloth
Heavy Woolen Gloves
1712HandsCrafted Cloth
Heavy Woolen Pants
2217LegsCrafted Cloth
Hellion Boots
40Feet Cloth
Helm of Lupine Cunning
96HeadQuest Cloth
Hemet's Satin Leggings
399Legs Stalker Mastery Cloth
Hemet's Silk Trousers
399Legs Stalker Mastery Cloth
Hewing Gloves
105Hands ...and a Time for Action Cloth
HF28 Cloth Spell Head4
138Head Cloth