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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Silentleaf Armwraps
434Wrists The Fall of Shai Hu Leather
Armbands of the Reawakened
430Wrists Relics of the Four Kings Leather
Subjugation Bracers
430Wrists Relics of the Four Kings Leather
Mistlurker Bindings
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Leather
Steppebeast Armwraps
429Wrists The Motives of the Mantid Leather
Mushan Hide Wristwraps
414Wrists Resupplying One Keg Leather
Silentleaf Wristwraps
414Wrists Resupplying One Keg Leather
Coiled Serpent Armband
400Wrists Restoring Jade's Purity Leather
Flameheart Wristguards
400Wrists Restoring Jade's Purity Leather
Mortbreath Bindings
399WristsQuest Leather
Plainshawk Armwraps
399Wrists Snap Judgment Leather
Riverblade Armwraps
399WristsQuest Leather
Sunsoaked Bindings
399Wrists Snap Judgment Leather
Bamboo Leaf Bindings
384Wrists Xiao, the Eater Leather
Bamboo Plate Armwraps
384Wrists Xiao, the Eater Leather
Blackthicket Bindings
384WristsQuest Leather
Deepwoods Armwraps
384WristsQuest Leather
Scavenger's Hide Bindings
372Wrists Leather
Scavenger's Leather Armwraps
372Wrists Leather
Ravaged Leather Bracers
300Wrists Leather
Ravaged Leather Wristguards
300Wrists Leather
Bindings of the Earth Spirit
6Wrists The Spirit and Body of Shen-zin Su Leather
Cracked Leather Bracers
5WristsVendor Leather
Dirty Leather Bracers
5WristsVendor Leather
Drenched Leather Bracers
5WristsVendor Leather
Sun Cured Bracers
5WristsVendor Leather
Ragged Leather Bracers
4Wrists Leather
Scraggy Leather Bracers
4WristsLooted Leather
Initiate's Bracers
2Wrists The Lesson of the Sandy Fist Leather
Beastrider Bracers
602WristsQuest Leather
Beastrider Wristwraps
595Wrists Leather
Skysinger Wristwraps
582Wrists The Bloodmane Leather
Talador Sentinel Wristwraps
552Wrists Leather
Overgrowth Cutter Wristwraps
528WristsQuest Leather
Agurak Leather Bracers
518Wrists Savage Vengeance Leather
Karabor Skirmisher Wristwraps
518Wrists The Traitor's True Name Leather
Frostwolf Scout's Armwraps
512Wrists The Warlord's Guard Leather
Karabor Skirmisher Wristwraps
512Wrists Leather
Jungle-Chopper Manacles
470Wrists Leather
Alefire Bracers
318Wrists Total War Leather
Buildingblast Bracers
318Wrists Call in the Artillery Leather
Dragonheart Bracers
318Wrists Dangerous Compassion Leather
Flarefire Bracers
318Wrists Call in the Artillery Leather
Keg-Stealer Bracers
318Wrists Fight Like a Wildhammer Leather
Whirlpool Bracers
318Wrists Any Portal in a Storm Leather
Bandit Scourge Bracers
312Wrists The Bandit Warlord Leather
Bracers of the Verdant Cradle
312Wrists The Curse of the Tombs Leather
Splinterproof Bracers
312Wrists Just the Tip Leather
Burning Bind Bracers
289Wrists Apply and Flash Dry Leather
Skyrend Bracers
289Wrists All Our Friends Are Dead Leather
Bracers of the Vanquished God
288Wrists All that Rises Leather
Wristguards of Prophetic Perishing
288Wrists Decisions, Decisions Leather
Apocryhphic Bindings
272Wrists Elementary! Leather
Bracers of the Forlorn Wolf
272Wrists Sweeping the Shelf Leather
Harp Shell Wristguards
272Wrists Welcome News Leather
Harp Shell Wristguards
272Wrists Welcome News Leather
Matriarch-Hide Wristguards
272Wrists Death to the Broodmother Leather
Wolfcaller Bracers
272Wrists Sweeping the Shelf Leather
Soaring Wristwraps
175Wrists A Wing and a Prayer Leather
Njorndar Furywraps
174Wrists Not-So-Honorable Combat Leather
Bracer of Tarbash
174Wrists The Earthen Oath Leather
Efrem's Bracers
174Wrists Eliminate the Competition Leather
Fleshwerk Wristguards
174Wrists Killing Two Scourge With One Skeleton Leather
Frost Hardened Bracers
174Wrists The Drakkensryd Leather
Nomadic Bracers
174WristsQuest Leather
Storm-Weathered Cuffs
174Wrists Krolmir, Hammer of Storms Leather
Shackles of Dark Whispers
171WristsQuest Leather
Bracers of Rapid Death
162Wrists The Great Hunter's Challenge Leather
Bracers of the Rejuvenated Forest
162Wrists Wipe That Grin Off His Face Leather
Splattered Zombie Wristguards
162Wrists An Issue of Trust Leather
Scorned Bands
159Wrists Head Games Leather
Double-Agent's Wristwraps
158Wrists Infiltrating Voltarus Leather
Supple Wristguards
158Wrists Too Much of a Good Thing Leather
Wristguard of Healing Fingers
158Wrists Trolls Is Gone Crazy! Leather
Vendetta Bindings
155WristsQuest Leather
Ectoplasm Stained Wristguards
154Wrists Steady as a Rock? Leather
Shackles of Sanity
154WristsQuest Leather
Cuffs of the Decapitator
146Wrists Do Unto Others Leather
Glade Wanderer Bracers
146WristsQuest Leather
Lothalar Woodwalker Bracers
146Wrists Wanted: Gigantaur Leather
Spiritfury Bands
146Wrists The Forsaken Blight and You: How Not to Die Leather
Violet Stalker Bracers
146WristsQuest Leather
Bone-Inlaid Bracers
138WristsQuest Leather
Flame Hardened Wristbindings
138Wrists Saragosa's End Leather
Rhinohide Wristwraps
138WristsQuest Leather
Sealskin Bindings
138Wrists A Visit to the Curator Leather
Whalehunter Cuffs
138Wrists Leather
Spymistress' Wristguards
115Wrists The Soul Devices Leather
Aged Leather Bindings
114WristsQuest Leather
Ferocious Bands
114Wrists Escape from the Staging Grounds Leather
Nightstalker's Wristguards
111Wrists Down With Daellis Leather
Umberhowl's Collar
109Wrists The Cipher of Damnation - The Third Fragment Recovered Leather
Brightdawn Bracers
108Wrists Information Gathering Leather
Mana Infused Wristguards
108Wrists A Fate Worse Than Death Leather
Ruuan Weald Wristguards
108Wrists You're Fired! Leather
Agile Mountain Bracers
102Wrists The Bladespire Ogres Leather
Leesa'oh's Wristbands
96Wrists Stealing Back the Mushrooms Leather
Moonstruck Bands
96Wrists It's Watching You! Leather
Talonstalker Bracers
96Wrists Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike Leather
Demonslayer's Wristguards
93Wrists Cleansing the Waters Leather