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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Worn Mail Belt
127WaistLooted Mail
Sterling Chain Belt
6358Waist Mail
Sooty Mail Belt
19982WaistLooted Mail
Shoddy Chain Belt
2WaistLooted Mail
Ripped Mail Belt
24590WaistLooted Mail
Reinforced Chain Belt
2621WaistLooted Mail
Overlinked Chain Belt
4439WaistLooted Mail
Moist Mail Belt
18085WaistLooted Mail
Loose Chain Belt
83WaistLooted Mail
Linked Chain Belt
2520WaistLooted Mail
Laminated Scale Belt
5247WaistLooted Mail
Laced Mail Belt
1914WaistLooted Mail
Inferior Mail Belt
22987WaistLooted Mail
Icy Mail Belt
11871WaistLooted Mail
Grime-Fouled Mail Belt
29490WaistLooted Mail
Frigid Mail Belt
13277WaistLooted Mail
Flimsy Chain Belt
2Waist Mail
Eroded Mail Belt
6661WaistLooted Mail
Double Mail Belt
3429WaistLooted Mail
Corroded Mail Belt
7267WaistLooted Mail
Clammy Mail Belt
15080WaistLooted Mail
Zuni's Family Heirloom
5Waist An Ancient Enemy Mail
Wide Metal Girdle
8Waist Mail
Warrior's Girdle
83WaistLooted Mail
War Torn Girdle
138WaistLooted Mail
Vile Fin Belt
8Waist Off the Scales Mail
Veteran Girdle
149WaistLooted Mail
Unmarred Belt
5Waist The Lesson of Dry Fur Mail
Unadorned Chain Belt
5WaistVendor Mail
Thornroot Cord
9Waist Ursal the Mauler Mail
Tarnished Chain Belt
5WaistVendor Mail
Stormwind Infantry Belt
3WaistQuest Mail
Shattered Chain Girdle
5Waist Mail
Shackled Girdle
11Waist Mail
Scalemail Belt
2217WaistVendor Mail
Salvaged Chain Belt
105WaistVendor Mail
Rustic Belt
1Waist Mail
Rusted Chain Belt
5WaistVendor Mail
Royal Frostmane Girdle
116Waist Mail
Prisoner's Drawstring
10Waist Mail
Polished Scale Belt
2722WaistVendor Mail
Mail Belt of the Silverpine
10Waist Fulfilling a Promise Mail
Light Mail Belt
105WaistVendor Mail
Light Chain Belt
105WaistVendor Mail
Latched Belt
5Waist Mail
Kobold Hunter's Trophy Belt
7Waist Kobold Candles Mail
Initiate's Braided Belt
2Waist The Lesson of Stifled Pride Mail
Infantry Belt
105WaistLooted Mail
Grunt's Chain Belt
5045WaistVendor Mail
Green Chain Belt
5Waist Major Malfunction Mail
Girdle of Honor
5Waist Back to the Den Mail
Gilnean Soldier's Waistband
5Waist Hold the Line Mail
Gilnean Recruit's Belt
1Waist Mail
Crowley's Belt
7Waist The Hungry Ettin Mail
Cracking Whip
3Waist Do it Yourself Mail
Copper Chain Belt
116WaistCrafted Mail
Cog Belt
6Waist Operation Recombobulation Mail
Clasped Belt
8Waist Mail
Cinch of Grieving
8Waist Passing Wisdom Mail
Charger's Belt
94WaistLooted Mail
Chainmail Belt
1712WaistVendor Mail
Cadet Belt
127WaistLooted Mail
Brigandine Belt
5045WaistVendor Mail
Braided Boarskin Belt
4Waist The Battleboars Mail
Brackwater Girdle
149WaistLooted Mail
Blackened Chain Girdle
11Waist Warning Fairbreeze Village Mail
Belt of the People's Militia
14Waist Mail
Belt of Static Equilibrium
5Waist Down with Crushcog! Mail
Bellower's Belt
1Waist Charge Mail
Battle Chain Girdle
105WaistLooted Mail
Banana Holder
7Waist Monkey Business Mail
Augmented Chain Belt
3732WaistVendor Mail
Yak Herder Belt
414Waist The Snackrifice Mail
Yak Belt
42988WaistLooted Mail
Wyrmchaser's Waistguard
146WaistQuest Mail
Wrenchmen Belt
17Waist Extermination Mail
Wrathfin Waistband
9361WaistLooted Mail
Wolvar Belt
16676WaistLooted Mail
Wolf Chaps
102Waist Protecting Our Own Mail
Willow Belt
40386WaistLooted Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Links
528WaistQuest Mail
Wildwood Wrangler Belt
525WaistQuest Mail
Wild Plains Belt
399Waist The Quest for Better Barley Mail
Wild Aspirant's Waistguard of Cruelty
Warlords Season 2
625100WaistLooted Mail
Wild Aspirant's Waistguard of Cruelty
Warlords Season 2
625100WaistLooted Mail
Wicked Chain Waistband
3025WaistLooted Mail
Westwind Waistband
146WaistQuest Mail
Weaponized Belt
25Waist They're Out There! Mail
Waverunner Waistband
138Waist Not Without a Fight! Mail
Wasteland Ringmail Waistguard
40888WaistVendor Mail
Wasteland Chain Links
40888WaistVendor Mail
Warstrike Belt
5954Waist Mail
Warpscale Belt
52794WaistLooted Mail
Warmonger's Belt
4742WaistLooted Mail
Warmongering Aspirant's Waistguard of Cruelty
Warlords Season 3
625100Waist Mail
Warmongering Aspirant's Waistguard of Cruelty
Warlords Season 3
625100WaistLooted Mail
Warchief's Girdle
2318Waist Big Crate of Salvage Mail
War Paint Waistband
1712WaistLooted Mail
Waistguard of Twilight Finality
318Waist Last of Her Kind Mail
Waistguard of Salvaged Happiness
318Waist Small Comforts Mail