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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Soldier's Girdle
1611Waist Mail
Padded Lamellar Boots
16Feet Mail
Misshapen Boots
16Feet Miner's Fortune Mail
Legguards of Invasion
16Legs Yowler Must Die! Mail
Jessera's Fungus Lined Hauberk
16Chest Ysera's Tears Mail
Ironforge Chain
1611ChestCrafted Mail
Earth-Crusted Mail
16Chest Calming the Earth Mail
Brackwater Leggings
1611Legs Mail
Bloodspattered Sabatons
1611Feet Mail
Bellipotent Gloves
16Hands Ammo Kerblammo Mail
Bailiff's Gloves
16Hands Lake Everstill Clean Up Mail
Auberdine Chainmail
16Legs Call Down the Thunder Mail
An'telas Scale Shirt
16Chest Deactivate An'owyn Mail
Dividend Leggings
16Legs Gazlowe's Fortune Mail
Chainmail Pants
1712Legs Mail
Chainmail Gloves
1712Hands Mail
Chainmail Bracers
1712Wrists Mail
Chainmail Boots
1712Feet Mail
Chainmail Belt
1712Waist Mail
Chainmail Armor
1712Chest Mail
Wrenchmen Belt
17Waist Extermination Mail
War Paint Waistband
1712Waist Mail
War Paint Bindings
1712Wrists Mail
War Paint Anklewraps
1712Feet Mail
Vindicator's Iron Legguards
17Legs Matis the Cruel Mail
Troteman's Bracers
17Wrists His Heart Must Be In It Mail
Troll Kickers
17Feet Escape from the Catacombs Mail
Tranquillien Defender's Girdle
1712Waist Mail
Soldier's Leggings
1712Legs Mail
Soldier's Gauntlets
1712Hands Mail
Soldier's Boots
1712Feet Mail
Settler's Leggings
17Legs Mail
Scalding Gloves
17Hands Full of Hot Water Mail
Sapper's Gloves
1712Hands Mail
Raider's Bracers
1712Wrists Mail
Negotiation Stompers
17Feet The Blackmaw Doublecross Mail
Maltendis' Handguards
17Hands Troll Juju Mail
Fiery Bracers
17Wrists Soothing the Elements Mail
Crustacean Boots
17Feet Mail
Ancient Handguards
17Hands The Devourer of Darkshore Mail
Laced Mail Gloves
1813Hands Mail
War Paint Gloves
1813Hands Mail
Vigilant Vambraces
18Wrists Mail
Unmistakable Gloves
18Hands A Wolf in Bear's Clothing Mail
Tunic of the Dragon Slayer
18Chest Razormaw Mail
Strange Smelling Boots
18Feet Criteria Effects Test Quest Mail
Stonesmirk Breastplate
18Chest Mail
Soldier's Armor
1813Chest Mail
Silvermoon Armor
1813Chest Mail
Runed Copper Breastplate
1813ChestCrafted Mail
Runed Copper Belt
1813WaistCrafted Mail
Rugged Mail Gloves
18Hands Mail
Rough Bronze Boots
1813FeetCrafted Mail
Robotronic Vest
18Chest Shear Will Mail
Redridge Legguards
18Legs Detonation Mail
Raider's Belt
1813Waist Mail
Outrunner's Cuffs
1813Wrists Mail
Guststorm Legguards
18Legs Mail
Gargoyle Leggings
18Legs Mail
Foolhardy Bracers
18Wrists Centaur Bracers Mail
Everstill Breastplate
18Chest Bravo Company Field Kit: Chloroform Mail
Breakwater Girdle
18Waist Mail
Brackwater Vest
1813Chest Mail
Bloodspattered Loincloth
1813Legs Mail
Stone Guard Greaves
18Legs Taragaman the Hungerer Mail
Stone Guard Greaves
18Legs The Dark Shaman Mail
Searing Belt
18Waist The Dark Shaman Mail
Searing Belt
18Waist Taragaman the Hungerer Mail
Gorewalker Treads
1813Feet Mail
Flameseared Carapace
1813Chest Mail
Collarspike Bracers
1813Wrists Mail
Cavedweller Bracers
1813Wrists Mail
Laced Mail Pants
1914Legs Mail
Laced Mail Belt
1914Waist Mail
War Paint Legguards
1914Legs Mail
Vessel of the Dark Lady
19Chest Transdimensional Warfare: Chapter III Mail
Shalewind Belt
19Waist The Grand Magus Doane Mail
Sentry Bracers
19Wrists Assault on Zeb'Nowa Mail
Runed Copper Bracers
1914WristsCrafted Mail
Raider's Legguards
1914Legs Mail
Raider's Gauntlets
1914Hands Mail
Raider's Boots
1914Feet Mail
Outrunner's Cord
1914Waist Mail
Lightweight Mesh Boots
19Feet Galaen's Fate Mail
Leg Bone Covers
19Legs From the Belly of the Beast Mail
Grunt's Bracers
1914Wrists Mail
Fractured Belt
19Waist Hezrul Bloodmark Mail
Fire Stompers
19Feet Jadefire Braziers Mail
Danforth's Breastplate
19Chest Shadowhide Extinction Mail
Burnished Bracers
1914Wrists Mail
Blackrock Boots
1914Feet Mail
Kalecgos' Gift
19Legs Fade to Black Mail
Laced Mail Shoulderpads
2015Shoulders Mail
Laced Mail Boots
2015Feet Mail
Stabilized Incendicite Legguards
20Legs Incendicite Ore Mail
Slabchisel Boots
20Feet The Floodsurge Core Mail
Segmented Girdle
20Waist Culling the Flutterers Mail
Riveted Gauntlets
20Hands Mail
Raider's Chestpiece
2015Chest Mail
Quest Giver's Pauldrons
20Shoulders Welcome to the Machine Mail