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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Mask of the Howling Storm
9764HeadLooted Mail
Mask of the Howling Storm
97HeadLooted Mail
Feathered Armbands
96Wrists Veil Lithic: Preemptive Strike Mail
Fel Iron Chain Bracers
9662WristsCrafted Mail
Fenclaw Armor
9662ChestLooted Mail
Fenclaw Bindings
9662WristsLooted Mail
Fenclaw Fists
9662HandsLooted Mail
Fenclaw Footwraps
9662FeetLooted Mail
Fenclaw Helm
9662HeadLooted Mail
Fenclaw Legguards
9662LegsLooted Mail
Fenclaw Mantle
9662ShouldersLooted Mail
Fenclaw Waistband
9662WaistLooted Mail
Helm of Lupine Grace
96HeadQuest Mail
Marsh Survivalist's Belt
96Waist Stealing Back the Mushrooms Mail
Foreman's Reinforced Helmet
95HeadCrafted Mail
Boots of Savagery
9463FeetLooted Mail
Crocolisk Scale Wristguards
9463Wrists Mail
Dreadhawk's Schynbald
9463Feet Mail
Lykul Bloodbands
9463WristsLooted Mail
Shamblehide Chestguard
9463ChestLooted Mail
Boots of the Earthcaller
93Feet The Rock Flayer Matriarch Mail
Cenarion Thicket Helm
93HeadQuest Mail
Fel Iron Chain Gloves
9361HandsCrafted Mail
Felscale Boots
9361FeetCrafted Mail
Gloves of Marshmanship
93Hands Leader of the Bloodscale Mail
Hearty Cenarion Cincture
93Waist Leader of the Darkcrest Mail
Scaled Draenic Gloves
9361HandsCrafted Mail
Sunstrider Legguards
93Legs A Pilgrim's Plight Mail
Tribal Hauberk
93Chest The Mag'har Mail
Venn'ren's Boots
93Feet Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage Mail
Vindicator's Chain Helm
93Head The Seer's Relic Mail
Windcaller's Gauntlets
93Hands Return to the Marsh Mail
Wrathfin Armor
9361ChestLooted Mail
Wrathfin Bindings
9361WristsLooted Mail
Wrathfin Gloves
9361HandsLooted Mail
Wrathfin Greaves
9361FeetLooted Mail
Wrathfin Helmet
9361HeadLooted Mail
Wrathfin Legguards
9361LegsLooted Mail
Wrathfin Mantle
9361ShouldersLooted Mail
Wrathfin Waistband
9361WaistLooted Mail
Cryptstalker Tunic
9260ChestBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Tunic
9260ChestBlack Market AH Mail
Feathered Belt
9162Waist Mail
Grim Greaves
9162Feet Mail
Rockwurm Scale Gauntlets
9162Hands Mail
Scorpid-Sting Mantle
9162ShouldersLooted Mail
Shalassi Sentry's Epaulets
91Shoulders Mail
Tracker's Belt
9162WaistLooted Mail
Tracker's Belt
91WaistLooted Mail
Verdant Handwraps
91Hands Natural Remedies Mail
Vest of Living Lightning
9162ChestLooted Mail
Vest of Living Lightning
91ChestLooted Mail
Boots of the Howling Beast
9090FeetVendor Mail
Chestguard of the Howling Beast
9090ChestVendor Mail
Cinch of the Howling Beast
9090WaistVendor Mail
Grips of the Howling Beast
9090HandsVendor Mail
Helm of the Howling Beast
9090HeadVendor Mail
Legguards of the Howling Beast
9090LegsVendor Mail
Shoulderguards of the Howling Beast
9090ShouldersVendor Mail
Windfury Belt
9090WaistVendor Mail
Windfury Bracers
9090WristsVendor Mail
Windfury Crushers
9090HandsVendor Mail
Windfury Harness
9090ChestVendor Mail
Windfury Legguards
9090LegsVendor Mail
Windfury Mask
9090HeadVendor Mail
Windfury Sandals
9090FeetVendor Mail
Windfury Spirit Guides
9090ShouldersVendor Mail
Wristwraps of the Howling Beast
9090WristsVendor Mail
Replica Shado-Pan Helmet
9090HeadVendor Mail
Blacksting Shoulders
90ShouldersQuest Mail
Expedition Forager Leggings
90Legs Saving the Sporeloks Mail
Fel Iron Chain Coif
9060HeadCrafted Mail
Fen Strider's Bracer
90Wrists An Unnatural Drought Mail
Murk-Darkened Bracers
90Wrists Jyoba's Report Mail
Nexus-Strider Belt
9060WaistLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Bracer
9060WristsLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Breastplate
9060ChestLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Gloves
9060HandsLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Greaves
9060FeetLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Helmet
9060HeadLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Legwraps
9060LegsLooted Mail
Nexus-Strider Mantle
9060ShouldersLooted Mail
Mag'hari Chain Vest
9070ChestVendor Mail
Worn Mag'hari Gauntlets
9070HandsVendor Mail
Bracers of Eternal Reckoning
8860Wrists Mail
Cryptstalker Girdle
8860WaistBlack Market AH Mail
Cryptstalker Handguards
8860HandsBlack Market AH Mail
Cryptstalker Headpiece
8860HeadBlack Market AH Mail
Cryptstalker Legguards
8860LegsBlack Market AH Mail
Cryptstalker Wristguards
8860WristsBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Girdle
8860WaistBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Handguards
8860HandsBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Headpiece
8860HeadBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Legguards
8860LegsBlack Market AH Mail
Earthshatter Wristguards
8860WristsBlack Market AH Mail
Stormcaller's Hauberk
8860Chest Stormcaller's Hauberk Mail
Striker's Hauberk
8860Chest Striker's Hauberk Mail
Bog Epaulets
8861Shoulders Mail
Girdle of the Gale Storm
8861WaistLooted, Pick Pocketed Mail
Nagascale Legguards
8861Legs Mail