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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Imperial Plate Belt
5347WaistCrafted Plate
High Chief's Pauldrons
5348Shoulders Twilight Avenger Plate
Heavy Lamellar Pauldrons
5348ShouldersLooted Plate
Heavy Lamellar Helm
5348HeadLooted Plate
Fumigator's Legguards
53Legs Spray it One More Time Plate
Fire Plume Breastplate
53Chest Blazerunner Plate
Discarded Bracers
53Wrists Marshal's Refuse Plate
Centurion Legplates
53Legs Plate
Alabaster Plate Vambraces
5348WristsLooted Plate
Alabaster Plate Greaves
5348FeetLooted Plate
Alabaster Plate Gauntlets
5348HandsLooted Plate
Acid-Etched Pauldrons
5348ShouldersLooted Plate
Skul's Cold Embrace
5348ChestLooted Plate
Morlune's Bracer
5348Wrists Plate
Lavawalker Greaves
5348FeetLooted Plate
Highlander's Plate Greaves
5348FeetPvP (Honor) Plate
Highlander's Plate Girdle
5348WaistPvP (Honor) Plate
Highlander's Lamellar Greaves
5348FeetPvP (Honor) Plate
Highlander's Lamellar Girdle
5348WaistPvP (Honor) Plate
Helm of the Executioner
5348HeadLooted Plate
Defiler's Plate Greaves
5348Feet Plate
Defiler's Plate Girdle
5348Waist Plate
Defiler's Lamellar Greaves
5348Feet Plate
Defiler's Lamellar Girdle
5348Waist Plate
Death Grips
5348HandsLooted Plate
Chitinous Plate Legguards
5348LegsLooted Plate
Banshee's Touch
5348HandsLooted Plate
Light Plate Shoulderpads
5449ShouldersLooted Plate
Vanguard Sabatons
5449Feet Twilight Geolord Plate
Vanguard Girdle
5449Waist Living Blaze Plate
Templar Girdle
5449WaistLooted Plate
Templar Bracers
5449WristsLooted Plate
Sunscale Chestguard
5449Chest Plate
Sticky Bracers
54Wrists Gormashh the Glutinous Plate
Ruag's Helm
54Head We're Under Attack! Plate
Revenant Chestplate
5449ChestLooted Plate
Lofty Shoulder Pads
5449Shoulders Plate
Imperial Plate Bracers
5449WristsCrafted Plate
High Chief's Legguards
5449Legs Dredge Crusher Plate
Heavy Lamellar Leggings
5449LegsLooted Plate
Eschewal Greaves
54Feet Plate
Breastplate of the Poetic Orc
54Chest Damn You, Frostilicus Plate
Blueheart's Helm
54Head Assault on Stonard Plate
Balanced Pauldrons
54Shoulders Lumbering Oafs Plate
Balanced Pauldrons
54Shoulders Lumbering Oafs Plate
Alabaster Plate Helmet
5449HeadLooted Plate
Hydralick Armor
5449ChestLooted Plate
Avenguard Helm
54Head Plate
Light Plate Pants
5550LegsLooted Plate
Light Plate Helmet
5550HeadLooted Plate
Vanguard Gauntlets
5550Hands Plate
Templar Gauntlets
5550HandsLooted Plate
Templar Boots
5550FeetLooted Plate
Strengthening Belt
55Waist The Amulet of Grol Plate
Rockard Greaves
55Legs Mission Complete Plate
Nethergarde Gloves
55Hands Eliminate the Okril'lon Plate
Mahar's Gift
55Legs Cultists at our Doorstep Plate
Lofty Legguards
5550Legs Spiked Stegodon Plate
Leggings of the Ursa
55Legs Deadwood of the North Plate
High Chief's Crown
5550Head Plate
Helm of Storms
55Head The Altar of Storms Plate
Heavy Lamellar Chestpiece
5550ChestLooted Plate
Glorious Bindings
5550Wrists Plate
Glorious Belt
5550Waist Twilight Stonecaller Plate
Excavated Bracers
55Wrists A Tale of Two Shovels Plate
Emerald Girdle
5550WaistLooted Plate
Dreadmaul Bracers
55Wrists Ogre Combat Plate
Cragplate Greaves
55Feet Plate
Business Handlers
55Hands Pick Your Fate Plate
Boots of the Blasted Lands
55Feet A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too Plate
Boots of the Blasted Lands
55Feet A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too Plate
Boots of Completed Rituals
55Feet The Altar of Storms Plate
Bonepicker Bracers
55Wrists Curtail the Darktail Plate
Bejeweled Legguards
55Legs Plate
Alabaster Plate Pauldrons
5550ShouldersLooted Plate
Warrior's Embrace
5550ChestLooted Plate
Stalwart Treads
55Feet Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Stalwart Bands
55Wrists Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Silvershell Leggings
5550Legs Plate
Nam's Gauntlets
55Hands Umbranse's Deliverance Plate
Atal'alarion's Tusk Ring
5550Waist Plate
Atal'ai Girdle
5550Waist Plate
Stockade Pauldrons
5550ShouldersLooted Plate
Berserker Bracers
5550WristsPvP (Honor) Plate
Light Plate Gloves
5651HandsLooted Plate
Vanguard Pauldrons
5651Shoulders Plate
Thorium Helm
5651HeadCrafted Plate
Thorium Boots
5651FeetCrafted Plate
Templar Pauldrons
5651ShouldersLooted Plate
Templar Crown
5651HeadLooted Plate
Strengthening Belt
56Waist The Amulet of Grol Plate
High Chief's Armor
5651Chest Plate
Heroic Bracers
5651Wrists Plate
Helm of Storms
56Head The Altar of Storms Plate
Glorious Sabatons
5651Feet Plate
Glorious Gauntlets
5651Hands Hive'Regal Slavemaker Plate
Emerald Vambraces
5651WristsLooted Plate
Emerald Sabatons
5651FeetLooted Plate
Desert Wind Gauntlets
56Hands Vyral the Vile Plate
Boots of Completed Rituals
56Feet The Altar of Storms Plate