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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Fur-Lined Leather Helmet
11871HeadLooted Leather
Fur-Lined Pants
11871LegsLooted Leather
Fur-Lined Shoulderpads
11871ShouldersLooted Leather
Ice-Bound Plate Belt
11871WaistLooted Plate
Ice-Bound Plate Boots
11871FeetLooted Plate
Ice-Bound Plate Bracers
11871WristsLooted Plate
Ice-Bound Plate Chestpiece
11871ChestLooted, Pick Pocketed Plate
Ice-Bound Plate Gloves
11871HandsLooted Plate
Ice-Bound Plate Helmet
11871HeadLooted Plate
Ice-Bound Plate Pants
11871LegsLooted Plate
Ice-Bound Plate Shoulderpads
11871ShouldersLooted, Pick Pocketed Plate
Icy Mail Armor
11871ChestLooted Mail
Icy Mail Belt
11871WaistLooted Mail
Icy Mail Boots
11871FeetLooted Mail
Icy Mail Bracers
11871WristsLooted Mail
Icy Mail Circlet
11871HeadLooted Mail
Icy Mail Gloves
11871HandsLooted Mail
Icy Mail Pants
11871LegsLooted Mail
Icy Mail Shoulderpads
11871ShouldersLooted Mail
Thread-Bare Cloth Belt
11871WaistLooted Cloth
Thread-Bare Cloth Boots
11871FeetLooted Cloth
Thread-Bare Cloth Bracers
11871WristsLooted Cloth
Thread-Bare Cloth Gloves
11871HandsLooted Cloth
Thread-Bare Cloth Pants
11871LegsLooted Cloth
Thread-Bare Cloth Shoulderpads
11871ShouldersLooted Cloth
Thread-Bare Cloth Vest
11871ChestLooted Cloth
Thread-Bare Hat
11871HeadLooted Cloth
Almandine Ring
11769FingerLooted Finger
Archmage Belt
11769WaistLooted Cloth
Archmage Bracelets
11769WristsLooted Cloth
Archmage Gloves
11769HandsLooted Cloth
Archmage Headpiece
11769HeadLooted Cloth
Archmage Mantle
11769ShouldersLooted Cloth
Archmage Pants
11769LegsLooted Cloth
Archmage Robe
11769ChestLooted Cloth
Archmage Slippers
11769FeetLooted Cloth
Coral Beads
11769NeckLooted Neck
Expedition Boots
11769FeetLooted Leather
Expedition Bracers
11769WristsLooted Leather
Expedition Girdle
11769WaistLooted Leather
Expedition Gloves
11769HandsLooted Leather
Expedition Hood
11769HeadLooted, Pick Pocketed Leather
Expedition Pants
11769LegsLooted Leather
Expedition Shoulderguards
11769ShouldersLooted Leather
Expedition Tunic
11769ChestLooted Leather
Nether Cloak
11769BackLooted Back
Shattered Hand Belt
11769WaistLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Breastplate
11769ChestLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Epaulets
11769ShouldersLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Gauntlets
11769HandsLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Helmet
11769HeadLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Legplates
11769LegsLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Sabatons
11769FeetLooted Plate
Shattered Hand Vambraces
11769WristsLooted Plate
Talhide Chestpiece
11769ChestLooted Mail
Talhide Helmet
11769HeadLooted Mail
Talhide Lined-Boots
11769FeetLooted Mail
Talhide Lined-Bracers
11769WristsLooted Mail
Talhide Lined-Gloves
11769HandsLooted Mail
Talhide Lined-Leggings
11769LegsLooted Mail
Talhide Shoulderguards
11769ShouldersLooted Mail
Talhide Stitched-Belt
11769WaistLooted Mail
Tuurik Torch
11769Off HandLooted Off Hand
Zeth'Gor Shield
11769Off HandLooted Shield
Aran's Soothing Sapphire
11570Off HandLooted Off Hand
Bands of Indwelling
11570WristsLooted Cloth
Bands of Nefarious Deeds
11570WristsLooted Cloth
Barbed Choker of Discipline
11570NeckLooted Neck
Battlescar Boots
11570FeetLooted Plate
Beastmaw Pauldrons
11570ShouldersLooted Mail
Belt of Gale Force
11570WaistLooted Mail
Belt of the Tracker
11570WaistLooted Mail
Big Bad Wolf's Head
11570HeadLooted Mail
Bladed Shoulderpads of the Merciless
11570ShouldersLooted Leather
Blessed Gauntlets of Undead Slaying
11570Hands Plate
Blessed Gloves of Undead Cleansing
11570Hands Cloth
Blessed Greaves of Undead Slaying
11570Legs Mail
Blessed Grips of Undead Slaying
11570Hands Leather
Blessed Handguards of Undead Slaying
11570Hands Mail
Blessed Hauberk of Undead Slaying
11570Chest Mail
Blessed Leggings of Undead Slaying
11570Legs Leather
Blessed Mantle of Undead Cleansing
11570Shoulders Cloth
Blessed Pauldrons of Undead Slaying
11570Shoulders Mail
Blessed Robe of Undead Cleansing
11570Chest Cloth
Blessed Shoulderpads of Undead Slaying
11570Shoulders Leather
Blessed Spaulders of Undead Slaying
11570Shoulders Plate
Blessed Trousers of Undead Cleansing
11570Legs Cloth
Blessed Tunic of Undead Slaying
11570Chest Leather
Boots of Elusion
11570FeetLooted Plate
Boots of Foretelling
11570FeetLooted Cloth
Boots of the Incorrupt
11570FeetLooted Cloth
Boots of the Infernal Coven
11570FeetLooted Cloth
Boots of Valiance
11570FeetLooted Plate
Bracers of Justice
11570WristsLooted Plate
Bracers of Maliciousness
11570WristsLooted Leather
Bracers of the White Stag
11570WristsLooted Leather
Breastplate of Fierce Survival
11570ChestLooted Plate
Breastplate of the Lightbinder
11570ChestLooted Plate
Brooch of Unquenchable Fury
11570NeckLooted Neck
Chestguard of the Conniver
11570ChestLooted Leather