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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Explosively Decompressed Stompers
272Feet Plate
Flamesear Leggings
272Legs Might of the Firelord Cloth
Flameward Cloak
272Back Prepping the Soil Back
Gatekeeper Treads
272Feet The Gatekeeper Leather
Gauntlets of Guerilla Fury
272Hands Might of the Firelord Plate
Girdle of Calcified Blackfin
272Waist Blackfin's Booty Plate
Girdle of Gar'gol
272Waist Elementary! Plate
Girdle of Nullified Infiltration
272Waist Flames from Above Cloth
Girdle of the Ancient Wolf
272Waist Sweeping the Shelf Plate
Gloves of Delicate Mixture
272Hands The Perfect Fuel Leather
Gloves of Delicate Mixture
272Hands Leather
Gloves of Piscine Attraction
272Hands Cloth
Gloves of Transcription
272Hands Piece of the Past Plate
Gloves of Transcription
272Hands Plate
Goldrinn's Locket
272Neck Lycanthoth the Corruptor Neck
Gore-Stained Shoulderpads
272Shoulders Fresh Bait Leather
Gorgonian Belt
272Waist Overseer Idra'kess Mail
Gorgonian Belt
272Waist Overseer Idra'kess Mail
Greaves of Violent Revenge
272Legs Death to the Broodmother Plate
Griefsoul Wristguards
272Wrists A Prayer and a Wing Mail
Grips of Arcane Imprisonment
272Hands Through the Dream Plate
Grips of the Severed Starfish
272Hands Plate
Grouper-Skin Chestwrap
272Chest Something Edible Leather
Gulper Eel Sandals
272Feet Swift Approach Leather
Gulper Eel Sandals
272Feet Leather
Gutrip Gauntlets
272Hands Fresh Bait Mail
Handguards of Restrained Brutality
272Hands Lycanthoth the Corruptor Cloth
Handguards of the Severed Starfish
272Hands Orako's Report Plate
Harp Shell Shoulderplates
272Shoulders Raw Materials Plate
Harp Shell Wristguards
272Wrists Welcome News Leather
Harp Shell Wristguards
272Wrists Leather
Heatbinder Wristplates
272Wrists The Return of Baron Geddon Plate
Helm of the Crushed Overseer
272Head Overseer Idra'kess Plate
Helm of the Crushed Overseer
272Head Overseer Idra'kess Plate
Helm of the Mendicant
272Head Prepping the Soil Plate
Hippolyte's Glittering Necklace
272Neck A Girl's Best Friend Neck
Hood of Misplaced Dreams
272Head Get Me Outta Here! Cloth
Hood of Teeming Horror
272Head Free Wil'hai Cloth
Hood of the Shuffled Coil
272Head Blood and Thunder! Cloth
Hornblower's Legguards
272Legs Flames from Above Mail
Impressive Greaves
272Feet Trial By Fire Mail
Improvisational Historian's Cloak
272Back An Occupation of Time Back
Improvisational Historian's Cloak
272Back Back
Invidious Casque
272Head Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows Plate
Keenstone Helm
272Head Piece of the Past Mail
Keenstone Helm
272Head Mail
Kilt of Shamanic Dreams
272Legs Stick it to Them Mail
Leftover Leggings
272Legs To Arms! Leather
Leggings of Fiery Travail
272Legs The Third Flamegate Mail
Leggings of the Albino Brachyura
272Legs Crabby Patrons Cloth
Legguards of Revelation
272Legs An Occupation of Time Mail
Legguards of Revelation
272Legs Mail
Legplates of Persuasion
272Legs A Bird in Hand Plate
Lightheart Sandals
272Feet Egg Hunt Cloth
Liminal Greathelm
272Head Not Entirely Unprepared Plate
Liminal Greathelm
272Head Plate
Maggotproof Gloves
272Hands Death to the Broodmother Cloth
Matriarch-Hide Wristguards
272Wrists Death to the Broodmother Leather
Meiofauna Wristguards
272Wrists Something Edible Plate
Mentalist's Protective Bottle
272Trinket ... It Will Come Trinket
Mindfletcher Talisman
272Trinket Hyjal Recycling Program Trinket
Moonbrook Amulet
27277NeckLooted Neck
Moonbrook Cloak
27277BackLooted Back
Moonbrook Crystal
27277Off HandLooted Off Hand
Moonbrook Ring
27277FingerLooted Finger
Muffling Hood
272Head Through the Dream Leather
Naturelord Helm
272Head War on the Twilight's Hammer Leather
Nazferiti Belt
27277WaistLooted Mail
Nazferiti Bracers
27277WristsLooted Mail
Nazferiti Gauntlets
27277HandsLooted Mail
Nazferiti Greaves
27277FeetLooted Mail
Nazferiti Helm
27277HeadLooted Mail
Nazferiti Legguards
27277LegsLooted Mail
Nazferiti Spaulders
27277ShouldersLooted Mail
Nazferiti Vest
27277ChestLooted Mail
Necklace of the Furious Standard
272Neck A Standard Day for Azrajar Neck
Necklace of the Furious Standard
272Neck Neck
Neglected Footpads
272Feet Get Me Outta Here! Leather
Nephropsis Treads
272Feet Come Prepared Mail
Nephropsis Treads
272Feet Mail
Nimble-Knife Chestguard
272Chest Disassembly Leather
Oddly Revealing Chestguard
272Chest Crafty Crabs Plate
Ostracod Sandals
272Feet Backed Into a Corner Cloth
Part-Picker Wraps
272Hands Crafty Crabs Cloth
Pelagic Prism
272Trinket Swift Action Trinket
Pelagic Prism
272Trinket Trinket
Petrified Spider Crab
272Trinket A Girl's Best Friend Trinket
Pinpoint Choker
272Neck A Bird in Hand Neck
Pipefish Bracers
272Wrists Come Hell or High Water Mail
Polychaete Footguards
272Feet Stick it to Them Plate
Polychaete Leggings
272Legs Blackfin's Booty Leather
Priapulid Bracers
272Wrists Fathom-Lord Zin'jatar Cloth
Primal Force Girdle
272Waist Lycanthoth the Corruptor Leather
Pteropod Robes
272Chest Decompression Leather
Pteropod Robes
272Chest Decompression Leather
Punishing Shoulders
272Shoulders A Bird in Hand Cloth
Purifying Spaulders
272Shoulders Free Your Mind, the Rest Follows Mail
Queen Conch Chestguard
272Chest Leather
Razorproof Greaves
272Feet Hyjal Recycling Program Plate
Repurposed Twilight Girdle
272Waist In the Rear With the Gear Cloth