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Name Level Req. ILvL Source Type
Sunflare Coal
875Looted Fire Relic
Suspended Nightwell Droplet
875Looted Frost Relic
Talisman of the Violet Eye
875 Arcane Relic
Tempest of the Heavens
875Looted Storm Relic
Unkindled Ember
875Looted Fire Relic
Vampiric Fetish
875Looted Blood Relic
Warchief's Shattered Tusk
875Looted Shadow Relic
Writ of Subjugation
875Looted Fel Relic
"Liberated" Un'goro Relic
860 Life Relic
Ageless Winter
860 Frost Relic
Anthology of Horrors
860 Shadow Relic
Arcing Static Charge
860Looted Arcane Relic
Barnacled Mistcaller Orb
860 Storm Relic
Calamir's Jaw
860 Fire Relic
Condensed Storm's Fury
860 Altar of the Aegis Storm Relic
Decaying Dragonfang
860 Shar'thos Shadow Relic
Drugon's Snowglobe
860 Frost Relic
Fauna Analysis Widget
860Looted Life Relic
Fel Command Beacon
860 Altar of the Aegis Fel Relic
Fel-Scented Bait
860 Blood Relic
Grisly Schism
860 Blood Relic
Heat Absorbing Prism
860 Altar of the Aegis Frost Relic
Highborne Martyr's Blood
860 Altar of the Aegis Blood Relic
Imp-Eye Diamond
860 Fel Relic
Inferno Oil
860 Altar of the Aegis Fire Relic
Leystone Nugget
860 Arcane Relic
Mature Morrowsprout
860 Altar of the Aegis Life Relic
Mephistroth's Rib
860 Altar of the Aegis Shadow Relic
Miniature Bonfire
860 Fire Relic
Moonstone Figurine
860 Altar of the Aegis Iron Relic
Pillaged Titan Disc
860 Holy Relic
Pure Arcane Powder
860 Altar of the Aegis Arcane Relic
Rift Stabilization Shard
860Looted Iron Relic
Sea Giant Toothpick Fragment
860 Iron Relic
Seeping Corruption
860Looted Fel Relic
Suffused Manapearl
860 Arcane Relic
Untouched Holy Candle
860 Altar of the Aegis Holy Relic
Viz'aduum's Mindstone
860Looted Fel Relic
Accursed Cuspid
855Looted Shadow Relic
Arcanum of Weightlessness
855 Arcane Relic
Begrudging Confessions
855Looted Storm Relic
Candle of Flickering Lumens
855 Fire Relic
Chilled Incisor
855Looted Frost Relic
Comet Dust
855 Full Might of the Elves Frost Relic
Crystalized Leypetal
855 Full Might of the Elves Life Relic
Dirge of the Hunted
855Looted Shadow Relic
Favor of the Prime Designate
855Looted Holy Relic
Fear of Predation
855Looted Frost Relic
Felborne Energist's Gem
855 Full Might of the Elves Fel Relic
First Page of the Book of Shadows
855 Full Might of the Elves Shadow Relic
Fury of the Sea
855Looted Storm Relic
Ghastly Curse
855 Shadow Relic
Gloomy Vortex
855 Storm Relic
Goldleaf Arcwine Phial
855 Full Might of the Elves Arcane Relic
Headpiece of the Elunian Cycle
855 Full Might of the Elves Holy Relic
Jagged Emerald
855Looted Iron Relic
Khadgar's Pocket Warmer
855 Full Might of the Elves Fire Relic
Lava-Quenched Hoofplate
855Looted Fire Relic
Love's Intermission
855 Life Relic
Memory of Betrayal
855 Blood Relic
Mrrmgmrl Grmmlmglrg
855 Frost Relic
Perfectly Preserved Apple
855Looted Life Relic
Petrified Ancient Bark
855 Full Might of the Elves Iron Relic
Phylactery of Unwilling Servitude
855Looted Blood Relic
Ravens' Sight
855Looted Arcane Relic
Ruffian's Poisoned Blade
855 Iron Relic
Sin'dorei Blood Gems
855 Full Might of the Elves Blood Relic
Sizzling Fang
855Looted Fire Relic
Spellbound Rose Petal
855 Holy Relic
Swell of the Tides
855Looted Life Relic
Token of the Lightning Keeper
855Looted Fel Relic
Trueflight Arrow
855 Full Might of the Elves Storm Relic
Unforged Titansteel
855Looted Iron Relic
Virtuous Directive
855Looted Holy Relic
Deep Cave Ice Crystal
855 Frost Relic
Mega Cleansed Grovewalker Core
850 Holy Relic
[PH] 7.0 Raid - Suramar City - Boss 3 - Relic ARCANE Bronze5
850 Arcane Relic
[PH] 7.0 Raid - Suramar City - Boss 4 - Relic ARCANE Bronze1
850 Arcane Relic
[PH] 7.0 Raid - Suramar City - Boss 9 - Relic ARCANE Bronze7
850 Arcane Relic
Azsharan Councillor's Clasp
850Looted Fel Relic
Bioluminescent Mushroom
850Looted Life Relic
Blessing of Cenarius
850 Life Relic
Bloodied Bear Fang
850Looted Blood Relic
Crystallized Drop of Eternity
850Looted Arcane Relic
Cube of Malice
850Looted Frost Relic
Despoiled Dragonscale
850 Shadow Relic
Entrancing Stone
850Looted Arcane Relic
Fel-Bloated Venom Sac
850Looted Fel Relic
Fragment of Eternal Spite
850Looted Fire Relic
Gore-Drenched Fetish
850Looted Blood Relic
Nightmare - Boss 3 - Relic STORM
850 Storm Relic
Nightmare Engulfed Jewel
850Looted Shadow Relic
Nightmarish Elm Branch
850Looted Shadow Relic
Preserved Worldseed
850 Holy Relic
Radiant Dragon Egg
850 Holy Relic
Radiating Metallic Shard
850Looted Holy Relic
Reverberating Femur
850Looted Storm Relic
Scything Quill
850Looted Iron Relic
Shaladrassil's Blossom
850 Life Relic
Shrieking Bloodstone
850Looted Blood Relic