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Name Level Source Type
Hunter's Ink
10Crafted Parts
Icy Pigment
80 Other
Indigo Pigment
40 Other
Inferno Ink
85Crafted, Vendor Parts
Ink of the Sky
50Crafted Parts
Khorium Bar
70Crafted Metal & Stone
Khorium Ore
70Created Metal & Stone
Khorium Ore Nugget
70 Metal & Stone
Lesser Astral Essence
20Created, Disenchanted Enchanting
Lesser Celestial Essence
81Created, Disenchanted Enchanting
Lesser Cosmic Essence
70Created, Disenchanted Enchanting
Lesser Eternal Essence
50Created, Disenchanted Enchanting
Lesser Magic Essence
10Created, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Lesser Mystic Essence
30Created, Disenchanted Enchanting
Lesser Nether Essence
40Created, Looted, Disenchanted Enchanting
Lesser Planar Essence
60Created, Disenchanted Enchanting
Lifegiving Seed
85Unobtainable Elemental
Living Essence
55Crafted Elemental
Living Steel
88Crafted Metal & Stone
Mantid Amber Sliver
85Quest Other
Misty Pigment
86 Other
Mogu Statue Piece
85Quest Other
Mysterious Essence
87Crafted, Created, Looted, Vendor, Disenchanted Enchanting
Nerubian Obelisk
70 Other
Ninjanite Bar
100 Metal & Stone
Ogre Missive
90Quest Other
Ogre Tannin
1 Other
Orc Blood Text
60 Other
Pandaren Pottery Shard
85Quest Other
Primal Air
65Crafted, Created Elemental
Primal Earth
65Crafted, Created Elemental
Primal Fire
65Crafted, Created Elemental
Primal Life
65Crafted, Created Elemental
Primal Mana
65Crafted, Created Elemental
Primal Shadow
65Crafted, Created Elemental
Primal Water
65Crafted, Created Elemental
Pyrite Ore
85Created Metal & Stone
Pyrite Ore Nugget
85 Metal & Stone
Pyrium Bar
85Crafted Metal & Stone
Quality Folded Ghost Iron
88 Metal & Stone
Righteous Orb
60 Other
Royal Ink
30Crafted Parts
Ruby Pigment
50 Other
Sapphire Pigment
60 Other
Shiny Bronze Rivet
1 Parts
Silver Bar
10Crafted, Quest Metal & Stone
Silver Ore
10Created Metal & Stone
Silver Ore Nugget
10 Metal & Stone
Snowfall Ink
70Crafted, Vendor Parts
Sorcerous Air
100 Elemental
Sorcerous Earth
100 Elemental
Sorcerous Fire
100 Elemental
Sorcerous Water
100 Elemental
Spirit of Autumn
87 Elemental
Spirit of Spring
87 Elemental
Spirit of Summer
87 Elemental
Spirit of the Season
90 Elemental
Spirit of Winter
87 Elemental
Starlight Ink
86Crafted, Vendor Parts
Stormlord's Favor
85Unobtainable Elemental
Thick Citrine
40 Jewelcrafting
Titanium Bar
80Crafted Metal & Stone
Titanium Ore
80Created Metal & Stone
Titanium Ore Nugget
80 Metal & Stone
Titanium Powder
80 Enchanting
Titansteel Bar
80Crafted Metal & Stone
Tol'vir Hieroglyphic
80 Other
Trillium Bar
90Crafted Metal & Stone
Troll Tablet
20 Other
85Crafted Metal & Stone
Truesilver Bar
50Crafted Metal & Stone
Truesilver Ore
40Created Metal & Stone
Truesilver Ore Nugget
40 Metal & Stone
Truesteel Ingot
100Crafted, Quest Metal & Stone
Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife
90Crafted Devices
Verdant Pigment
20 Other
Vrykul Rune Stick
70 Other
White Trillium Ore
90 Metal & Stone
40 Herb
World Enlarger
50Crafted Devices
100 Year Soy Sauce
85 A Present for Teacher Cooking
Abyssal Clam
81 Other
Abyssal Gulper Eel
90 Cooking
Abyssal Gulper Eel Flesh
100 Cooking
Adamantite Bar
65Crafted Metal & Stone
Adamantite Frame
65Crafted Parts
Adamantite Grenade
65Crafted Explosives
Adamantite Ore
65Created Metal & Stone
Adamantite Ore Nugget
65 Metal & Stone
Adamantite Powder
70 Jewelcrafting
Adder's Tongue
77Created Herb
Adder's Tongue Stem
77 Herb
Advanced Target Dummy
37Crafted Devices
Alabaster Pigment
1 Other
Albino Cavefish
81 Cooking
Alchemy: Northrend Alchemy Research
1Crafted Trade Goods
Algaefin Rockfish
81 Cooking
Ancient Lichen
68Created Herb
Ancient Lichen Petal
68 Herb
Arcane Bomb
60Crafted Explosives