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Name Level Req. Level DPS Speed Slot Source Type
Fran's Dagger
39941.81.80One Hand Gardener Fran and the Watering Can Dagger
Frostbitten Dagger
4839059.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Frostwolf Boot Knife
51076.31.80One Hand For the Horde! Dagger
Frostwolf Shank
51277.81.80One Hand Leave Nothing Behind! Dagger
Frosty Talon
1507231.61.80One HandLooted Dagger
Fullered Coldsteel Dagger
13828.61.80One Hand A Tailor-Made Formula Dagger
Gardener's Sickle
39920.91.80One Hand Gardener Fran and the Watering Can Dagger
Gemmed Spellblade
3778440.41.80One HandLooted Dagger
Gemstone Dagger
403512.01.80One Hand Dagger
Giant Tarantula Fang
15104.21.80One Hand Dagger
Gilnean Slicer
27235.21.80One Hand Dagger
Glimmering Orca Tooth
13828.61.80One Hand Escape from the Winterfin Caverns Dagger
Glinting Steel Dagger
363110.21.80One HandCrafted Dagger
Glyphtrace Ritual Knife
27217.61.80One Hand The Third Flamegate Dagger
Goblin Shanker
27235.21.80One Hand Prisoners Dagger
Gorian Dagger
58299149.01.80One HandLooted Dagger
Grave Keeper Knife
1056526.41.80One HandLooted Dagger
Greely's Spare Dagger
113.21.80One Hand The Gallywix Labor Mine Dagger
Growthshaper Spellblade
5059236.31.80One HandLooted Dagger
Grummle Spellblade
4038642.21.80One HandLooted Dagger
Gypsy Blade
1346828.41.80One HandLooted Dagger
Haggard's Dagger
154.21.80One Hand Dagger
Harpy Skinner
205.51.80One Hand Dagger
Heartache Dagger
123.51.80One HandQuest Dagger
Heartache Dagger
123.51.80One Hand Dagger
Heavy Elven Dirk
10226.11.80One Hand The Den Mother Dagger
Heirloom Dagger
154.21.80One Hand Dagger
Hellfire Skiver
8121.71.80Off HandQuest Dagger
Hollowfang Blade
18135.01.80One Hand Dagger
Honed Stiletto
30258.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Hook Dagger
20155.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Howling Dagger
593100165.21.80One HandLooted Dagger
Hunt Tracker Blade
5718.41.80One Hand Dagger
Ice-Rimed Dagger
13828.61.80One HandQuest Dagger
Immaculate Spellblade
4298844.81.80One HandLooted Dagger
Incised Dagger
5279489.61.80One HandLooted Dagger
Infused Dragonbone Splinter
14630.11.80One Hand Lumber Hack Dagger
Inlaid Dagger
4008741.91.80One HandLooted Dagger
Intricate Spellblade
3648340.21.80One HandLooted Dagger
Irontree Dagger
3128439.71.80One HandLooted Dagger
Jaedenis Dagger
875921.91.80One HandLooted Dagger
Jagged Dagger
113.21.80One Hand Dagger
Jeweled Dagger
1052.91.80One Hand Dagger
Jormungar Fang
17434.51.80One Hand The Slithering Darkness Dagger
Keen Woodland Shank
14630.11.80One HandQuest Dagger
Keldonus' Missing Spellshard
14630.11.80One Hand Wanted: Magister Keldonus Dagger
Knife of the Dutybound
15833.41.80One Hand A Tangled Skein Dagger
Knife of the Venomous Asp
31239.71.80One Hand The Element of Supplies Dagger
Kobold Sticker
113.21.80One Hand "I TAKE Candle!" Dagger
Kris of Orgrimmar
185.01.80One Hand Dagger
Kubit's Dagger
5116.41.80One Hand Enough Damage For One Day Dagger
Kubit's Dagger
5116.41.80One Hand Enough Damage For One Day Dagger
Leafblade Dagger
195.31.80One Hand Dagger
Levitating Dagger
1627533.81.80One HandLooted Dagger
Liege Blade
815721.71.80One HandLooted Dagger
Lightdrinker Dagger
640100256.21.80One Hand Dagger
Lightdrinker Dagger
4839059.51.80One Hand Dagger
Lightdrinker Dagger
4839059.51.80One Hand Dagger
Lightdrinker Shiv
640100256.21.80One Hand Dagger
Lightdrinker Shiv
4839059.51.80One Hand Dagger
Lightdrinker Shiv
4839059.51.80One Hand Dagger
Lightning Dagger
936122.81.80One HandLooted Dagger
Lionhead Dagger
1146827.41.80One HandLooted Dagger
Lockbreaker Shank
28936.01.80One Hand Question the Slaves Dagger
Long Bayonet
102.91.80One Hand Bounty on Murlocs Dagger
Long Crawler Limb
15104.21.80One Hand Dagger
Longclaw Dagger
56097121.11.80One HandLooted Dagger
Lunarglow Dagger
4949165.71.80One HandLooted Dagger
Madman's Blade
9624.21.80One Hand It's Watching You! Dagger
Maiden's Dagger
17434.51.80One Hand Norgannon's Shell Dagger
Mandible Edge
1707734.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Mangled Tooth
349.61.80One Hand Mangletooth Dagger
Mangled Tooth
349.61.80One Hand Mangletooth Dagger
Mardenholde Dagger
3008238.91.80One HandLooted Dagger
Marek's Dagger
144.01.80One Hand Dagger
Martek's Knife
4715.21.80One Hand The Day that Deathwing Came: What Really Happened Dagger
Mercenary Stiletto
102.91.80One Hand Dagger
Mereldar Spellblade
3008238.91.80One HandLooted Dagger
Mindsear Shanker
31839.81.80One Hand Water of Life Dagger
Mindsear Shanker
31839.81.80One Hand Dagger
Mirkfallon Spellblade
2898036.01.80One HandLooted Dagger
Mishka's Bandage Cutter
37240.31.80One Hand Critical Condition Dagger
Moon Blade
1086626.81.80One HandLooted Dagger
Moonbrook Spellblade
2727735.21.80One HandLooted Dagger
Moonwhisper Spellblade
4949132.91.80One HandLooted Dagger
Mountainscaler Blade
3938741.51.80One Hand Dagger
Mountainscaler Dagger
3938741.51.80One Hand Dagger
Mushan Sticker
39941.81.80One Hand Mushan Mastery: Darkhide Dagger
Mystic Fang
1747834.51.80One HandLooted Dagger
Naraxis' Fang
27227.61.80One HandUnobtainable Dagger
Necrolord's Sacrificial Dagger
17434.51.80One Hand Cradle of the Frostbrood Dagger
Nethander Spellblade
2958137.41.80One HandLooted Dagger
Nethergarde Dagger
2898036.01.80One HandLooted Dagger
Nether-Stalker's Blade
10826.81.80One Hand Teleport This! Dagger
Neurosurgeon's Tool
349.61.80One Hand Smarts-is-Smarts Dagger
Nightstalker Dagger
906022.01.80One HandLooted Dagger
Nimble Blade
13828.61.80One Hand The Nefarious Clam Master... Dagger
Ogron Slayer's Ankleslicer
53696.91.80One Hand Fair Warning Dagger
Old Tooth
1507231.61.80One HandLooted Dagger
Ominous Dagger
1386928.61.80One HandLooted Dagger