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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Barovian Ritual Hood
4339HeadLooted Cloth
Barthalomew's Belt
43Waist Like Rats Plate
Basilisk Hide Pants
4338Legs Leather
Battle Healer's Cloak
4338BackVendor Back
Blazing Emblem
4338TrinketLooted Trinket
Bone Golem Boots
4339FeetLooted Mail
Breastplate of Wracking Souls
4339ChestLooted Plate
Caretaker's Cape
4338BackPvP (Honor) Back
Cloak of the Reverend
43Back Like Rats Back
Dark Blaze Gauntlets
4339HandsLooted Plate
Deadwalker Bracers
4339WristsLooted Cloth
Defiler's Chain Girdle
4340WaistVendor Mail
Defiler's Chain Greaves
4340FeetVendor Mail
Defiler's Cloth Boots
4338FeetVendor Cloth
Defiler's Cloth Girdle
4338WaistVendor Cloth
Defiler's Lamellar Girdle
4340WaistVendor Plate
Defiler's Lamellar Greaves
4340FeetVendor Plate
Defiler's Leather Boots
4338FeetVendor Leather
Defiler's Leather Girdle
4338WaistVendor Leather
Defiler's Lizardhide Boots
4338FeetVendor Leather
Defiler's Lizardhide Girdle
4338WaistVendor Leather
Defiler's Mail Girdle
4340WaistVendor Mail
Defiler's Mail Greaves
4340FeetVendor Mail
Defiler's Plate Girdle
4340WaistVendor Plate
Defiler's Plate Greaves
4340FeetVendor Plate
Defiler's Talisman
4338TrinketVendor Trinket
Ghostwoven Legguards
4339LegsLooted Leather
Gloves of Explosive Pain
4339HandsLooted Mail
Goresoaked Headreaper
4339Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Gravetouch Greatsword
4339Two HandLooted Two-handed Sword
Highlander's Chain Girdle
4340WaistPvP (Honor) Mail
Highlander's Chain Greaves
4340FeetPvP (Honor) Mail
Highlander's Cloth Boots
4338FeetPvP (Honor) Cloth
Highlander's Cloth Girdle
4338WaistPvP (Honor) Cloth
Highlander's Lamellar Girdle
4340WaistPvP (Honor) Plate
Highlander's Lamellar Greaves
4340FeetPvP (Honor) Plate
Highlander's Leather Boots
4338FeetPvP (Honor) Leather
Highlander's Leather Girdle
4338WaistPvP (Honor) Leather
Highlander's Lizardhide Boots
4338FeetPvP (Honor) Leather
Highlander's Lizardhide Girdle
4338WaistPvP (Honor) Leather
Highlander's Mail Girdle
4340WaistPvP (Honor) Mail
Highlander's Mail Greaves
4340FeetPvP (Honor) Mail
Highlander's Plate Girdle
4340WaistPvP (Honor) Plate
Highlander's Plate Greaves
4340FeetPvP (Honor) Plate
Icewrath Belt
4339WaistLooted Leather
Incineration Belt
4339WaistLooted Cloth
Leggings of Unleashed Anguish
4339LegsLooted Cloth
Legionnaire's Band
4338FingerVendor Finger
Legionnaire's Sword
4338One HandVendor One-handed Sword
Lessons of the Darkmaster
4339TrinketLooted Trinket
Lorekeeper's Ring
4338FingerPvP (Honor) Finger
Lorekeeper's Staff
4338Two HandPvP (Honor) Staff
Metanoia Shield
4339Off HandLooted Shield
Necklace of Calisea
4338Neck Sturdy Treasure Chest Neck
Necklace of the Dark Blaze
4339NeckLooted Neck
Necromantic Wand
4339RangedLooted Wand
Outrider's Bow
4338RangedVendor Bow
Outrunner's Bow
4338RangedPvP (Honor) Bow
Phantasmal Drape
4339BackLooted Back
Plans: Mithril Shield Spike
43Looted Blacksmithing Plans
Price of Progress
4339TrinketLooted Trinket
Protector's Band
4338FingerPvP (Honor) Finger
Protector's Sword
4338One HandPvP (Honor) One-handed Sword
Rattling Gloves
4339HandsLooted Leather
Scout's Blade
4338One HandVendor Dagger
Scout's Medallion
4338NeckVendor Neck
Searing Words
4339TrinketLooted Trinket
Sentinel's Blade
4338One HandPvP (Honor) Dagger
Sentinel's Medallion
4338NeckPvP (Honor) Neck
Shadow Puppet Bracers
4339WristsLooted Mail
Shivbreaker Vest
4339ChestLooted Mail
Shoulderguards of Painful Lessons
4339ShouldersLooted Plate
Skeletal Shoulders
4338ShouldersLooted Mail
Soulburner Crown
4339HeadLooted Leather
Steel Plate Helm
4340HeadCrafted Plate
Talisman of Arathor
4338TrinketPvP (Honor) Trinket
Tombstone Gauntlets
4339HandsLooted Leather
Umbral Crystal
4338Off Hand Dustbelcher Trainee Off Hand
Vigorsteel Spaulders
4339ShouldersLooted Plate
Wraithplate Treads
4339FeetLooted Plate
Belt of Delay
43Waist Ix'lar the Underlord Leather
Big Voodoo Robe
4338ChestCrafted Leather
Black Mageweave Gloves
4338HandsCrafted Cloth
Blackforge Bracers
4338Wrists Wretched Pathstrider Mail
Bloodwoven Cloak
4338BackLooted Back
Bonelink Bracers
4338WristsLooted Mail
Bonelink Cape
4338BackLooted Back
Boots of the Maharishi
43Feet Cloth
Borelgore's Skin
43Legs The Corpulent One Leather
Brigade Boots
4338FeetLooted Mail
Brigade Gauntlets
4338HandsLooted Mail
Brigade Girdle
4338WaistLooted Mail
Captain's Leggings
4338LegsLooted Mail
Captain's Shoulderguards
4338ShouldersLooted Mail
Chromite Bracers
4340WristsLooted Plate
Chromite Girdle
4340WaistLooted Plate
Corpulent Shoulderpads
43Shoulders The Corpulent One Cloth
Darkmist Mantle
4338ShouldersLooted Cloth
Darkmist Pants
4338LegsLooted Cloth
Earthclasp Barrier
43Off Hand Shield