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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Feathered Headdress
3631HeadLooted Leather
Fox Hunter's Rifle
36Ranged Foxes and Hounds Gun
Frog Boots
36Feet Marsh Frog Legs Leather
Frost Leather Cloak
3631BackCrafted Back
Gallan Cuffs
36Wrists Cloth
Geomancer's Cord
3631WaistLooted Cloth
Ghostwalker Buckler
3631Off HandLooted Shield
Ghostwalker Gloves
3631HandsLooted Leather
Ghostwalker Legguards
3631LegsLooted Leather
Ghostwalker Pads
3631ShouldersLooted Leather
Glimmering Ring
36Finger Who Needs Cauldrons? Finger
Glinting Steel Dagger
3631One HandCrafted Dagger
Grant's Signet
36Finger A Mighty Hunger Finger
Green Leather Bracers
3631WristsCrafted Leather
Green Silken Shoulders
3631ShouldersCrafted Cloth
Grim Pauldrons
36Shoulders Mail
Grimsby's Gaudy Girdle
36Waist Cleansing Witch Hill Leather
Hawkeye's Cord
3631WaistLooted Leather
Headhunter's Armor
3631Chest Firemane Scalebane Leather
Headhunting Spear
3631Two Hand Polearm
Homestead Helm
36Head A Mighty Hunger Mail
Huge Stone Club
3631Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Insignia Chestguard
3631ChestLooted Leather
Jade Pendant of Blasting
3631NeckCrafted Neck
Journeyman's Helm
36Head The End of the Deserters Leather
Knight's Bracers
3631WristsLooted Mail
Korg Bat
3631Two Hand Two-handed Mace
Lilac Sash
36Waist Cloth
Mail Combat Armor
3631ChestLooted Mail
Mail Combat Leggings
3631LegsLooted Mail
Marauder's Gauntlets
3631HandsLooted Mail
Mercenary Blade
3631One HandLooted One-handed Sword
Mindbender Loop
3631FingerLooted Finger
Moonsteel Broadsword
3631Two HandCrafted Two-handed Sword
Mordant's Travel Tunic
36Chest Cleansing Witch Hill Cloth
Mud's Crushers
36Hands Hungry as an Ogre! Leather
Nightsky Trousers
3631Legs Big Crate of Salvage Cloth
Ogremind Ring
3631Finger Big Crate of Salvage Finger
Pattern: Spider Belt
36Looted Tailoring Pattern
Pillager's Leggings
3631LegsLooted Mail
Pillager's Pauldrons
3631ShouldersLooted Mail
Plague Cauldron Lid
36Off Hand Who Needs Cauldrons? Shield
Plans: Barbaric Iron Boots
36 Trampled Under Foot Blacksmithing Plans
Proudmoore Cloak
36Back The End of the Deserters Back
Recipe: Major Troll's Blood Elixir
36Looted Alchemy Recipe
Reedknot Ring
36Finger Jarl Needs a Blade Finger
Renegade Boots
3631FeetLooted Mail
Renegade Circlet
3631HeadLooted Mail
Ryedol's Hammer
36One Hand One-handed Mace
Scaled Marshwalkers
36Feet Cleansing Witch Hill Mail
Scarlet Wristguards
3631Wrists Big Crate of Salvage Mail
Sentinel Bracers
3631WristsLooted Leather
Sentinel Cloak
3631BackLooted Back
Sentinel Girdle
3631Waist Big Crate of Salvage Leather
Silithid Ripper
3631One Hand One-handed Sword
Sparkleshell Belt
3631WaistLooted Mail
Sparkleshell Bracers
3631WristsLooted Mail
Spider Belt
3631WaistCrafted Cloth
Spiritual Barrier
36Off Hand Ambushed! Shield
Stonecloth Epaulets
3631ShouldersLooted Cloth
Swamp Splints
36Wrists Marsh Frog Legs Cloth
Territorial Helm
36Head Foxes and Hounds Mail
Thallium Choker
3631NeckLooted Neck
Thick Scale Breastplate
3631ChestLooted Mail
Thick Scale Shield
3631Off HandLooted Shield
Thistlefur Branch
3631Off HandLooted Off Hand
Thistlefur Jerkin
3631ChestLooted Cloth
Thistlefur Robe
3631ChestLooted Cloth
Trickster's Cloak
3631BackLooted Back
Twilight Belt
3631WaistLooted Cloth
Twilight Cuffs
3631WristsLooted Cloth
Valorfist Band
36Finger Ambushed! Finger
Vandis' Band
36Finger Foxes and Hounds Finger
Vital Headband
3631Head Ironfur Bear Cloth
Vital Leggings
3631LegsLooted Cloth
Battle Staff
3631Two HandVendor Staff
BKP 42 "Ultra"
3631RangedVendor Gun
Book of Abolish Magic
3636 Book
3631Main HandVendor One-handed Sword
36 Other
3631Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
Grimoire of Lash of Pain (Rank 3)
3636 Book
Grimoire of Spell Lock (Rank 1)
3636 Book
Grimoire of Suffering (Rank 2)
3636 Book
Major Troll's Blood Elixir
3626Crafted Elixir
Manual: Heavy Silk Bandage
36 First Aid Manual
Pattern: Crimson Silk Cloak
36Vendor Tailoring Pattern
Plans: Moonsteel Broadsword
36Vendor Blacksmithing Plans
Schematic: Accurate Scope
36 Engineering Schematic
36 Other
Azuredeep Shards
36 Junk
Baelog's Big Book of Recipes
36Looted Junk
Double Mail Gloves
3631HandsLooted Mail
Empty Poison Vial
3636 Other
Eric's Chewin' Stick
36Looted Junk
Hardened Leather Gloves
3631HandsLooted Leather
Interlaced Cloak
3631BackLooted Back
Light Scimitar
3631Main HandLooted One-handed Sword
Olaf's Amazing Handkerchief
36Looted Junk
Reflective Heater
3631Off HandLooted Shield