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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Thornling Seed
4039Looted Consumable
Unstable Trigger
40Crafted Parts
Violet Pigment
40 Other
Weather-Beaten Journal
40Looted Book
White Spider Meat
40Looted Cooking
Ashwood Seed
40 Reagent
Common Parchment
40 Other
Crimson Lotus
40 Syndicate Conjuror Junk
Empty Poison Vial
4040 Other
Gleaming Throwing Axe
4035 Thrown
Stone Club
4035Main HandLooted One-handed Mace
Thick Wolfhide
40 Junk
Truesilver Rod
40 Enchanting
Undelivered Parcel
4040 Junk
Water-Damaged Ship Schedule
4040 Junk
Whirling Steel Axes
4035 Thrown
Wicked Throwing Dagger
4035 Thrown
Blade of Eternal Darkness
3934One HandLooted Dagger
Albino Crocscale Boots
3934FeetLooted Leather
Band of Grandiose Delusions
39FingerUnobtainable Finger
Band of Wrath
39Finger Finger
Blackstone Ring
3934FingerLooted Finger
Bloomsprout Headpiece
3934HeadLooted Mail
Bracers of the Stone Princess
3934WristsLooted Mail
Charstone Dirk
3934One HandLooted Dagger
Cloud Stone
3934Off HandLooted Off Hand
Elemental Rockridge Leggings
3934LegsLooted Mail
Enchanted Kodo Bracers
3934WristsLooted Leather
Eye of Theradras
3934HeadLooted Cloth
Fight Club
3934One Hand One-handed Mace
Firemane Leggings
3934LegsLooted Mail
Fist of Stone
3934One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Fungus Shroud Armor
3934ChestLooted Leather
Gatorbite Axe
3934Two HandLooted Two-handed Axe
Gemshard Heart
3934NeckLooted Neck
Gift of the Banshee Queen
39Neck Neck
Grasps of the Forsaken
39Hands Mail
Grasps of the Insane
39Hands Mail
Helm of the Mountain
3934HeadLooted Mail
Leggings of the Verdant Oasis
39Legs Princess Theradras Leather
Nature's Embrace
3934ChestLooted Cloth
Pauldrons of the Promise
39Shoulders Princess Theradras Mail
Princess Theradras' Scepter
3934Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Resurgence Rod
39Two Hand Staff
Rockgrip Gauntlets
3934HandsLooted Mail
Rotgrip Mantle
3934ShouldersLooted Cloth
Ruthless Shiv
3934Two Hand Polearm
Sandals of Glorious Life
39Feet Princess Theradras Leather
Satchel of Helpful Goods
39Quest Junk
Scarlet Chestpiece
3934ChestUnobtainable Mail
Scarlet Necklace of Paradise
39Neck Neck
Scepter of Celebras
39Two HandCreated Staff
Scorpion Sting
3934One Hand Big Crate of Salvage One-handed Sword
Shield of Maraudon
39Off Hand Princess Theradras Shield
Sickle Axe
3934One Hand One-handed Axe
Skystriker Bow
3934RangedLooted Bow
The Ziggler
3934One HandLooted Dagger
Thrash Blade
39One Hand One-handed Sword
Verdant Keeper's Aim
39Ranged Bow
Vigilant Buckler
39Off Hand Shield
Warchief Kilt
3934Legs Leather
Wingborne Boots
39Feet Cloth
Zaetar's Gloves
39Hands Princess Theradras Cloth
Anchorhold Buckler
39Off Hand Ghost-o-plasm Round Up Shield
Arcane Runed Bracers
39Wrists Cloth
Augural Shroud
3934Head Big Crate of Salvage Cloth
Aurora Cowl
3934HeadLooted Cloth
Aurora Gloves
3934HandsLooted Cloth
Aurora Mantle
3934ShouldersLooted Cloth
Battlecaster's Edge
39One HandQuest One-handed Sword
Big Footwear
39Feet Sasquatch Sighting Mail
Big Footwear
39Feet Sasquatch Sighting Mail
Captain's Cloak
3934BackLooted Back
Chief Brigadier Boots
3934FeetLooted Mail
Chief Brigadier Coif
3934HeadLooted Mail
Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing
3934NeckCrafted Neck
Condor Bracers
39Wrists Ghost-o-plasm Round Up Cloth
Crimson Silk Pantaloons
3934LegsCrafted Cloth
Darkmist Cape
3934BackLooted Back
Design: Citrine Pendant of Golden Healing
39Looted Jewelcrafting Design
Dusky Belt
3934WaistCrafted Leather
Earthen Silk Belt
3934WaistCrafted Cloth
Embersilk Mantle
3934ShouldersLooted Cloth
Enduring Breastplate
3934ChestLooted Mail
Enduring Shield
3934Off HandLooted Shield
Field Agent's Belt
39Waist Students of Krastinov Leather
Formula: Enchant Shield - Lesser Parry
39 Enchanting Formula
Geomancer's Trousers
3934LegsLooted Cloth
Ghostwalker Crown
3934HeadLooted Leather
Glyphed Boots
3934FeetLooted Leather
Glyphed Buckler
3934Off HandLooted Shield
Glyphed Epaulets
3934ShouldersLooted Leather
Glyphed Helm
3934HeadLooted Leather
Guardian Leather Bracers
3934WristsCrafted Leather
Hadoken Band
39Finger The Battle Plans Finger
Huntsman's Bands
3934WristsLooted Leather
Huntsman's Belt
3934WaistLooted Leather
Jazeraint Bracers
3934WristsLooted Mail
Jet Chain
3934NeckLooted Neck
Kaartish's Sword
39One Hand Students of Krastinov One-handed Sword