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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Mercury-Coated Hood
32584Head Big Crate of Salvage Cloth
Martial Sandals
325Feet Leather
Mace of Apotheosis
32584One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Lhakaz's Swiftblade
32584One HandLooted Dagger
Leggings of Valorous Defense
325Legs Cloth
Leggings of Promise
325Legs Cloth
Kuang's Locket of Secrets
32584NeckLooted Neck
Kata-Mary Crown
325Head Cloth
Highland Padded Leggings
32584LegsLooted Mail
Hessonite Band
32582Finger Finger
Helm of Vicious Direction
325Head Plate
Helm of Holy Visions
32584HeadLooted Plate
Heart of the Vile
32584TrinketLooted Trinket
Harrison's Insignia of Panache
325Trinket Trinket
Gloves of Gnomebliteration
325Hands Plate
Girdle of the Ancient One
325Waist Mail
Fireball Treads
325Feet Mail
Fallen Brotherhood Gauntlets
325Hands Plate
Eye of the Stars
325Finger Finger
Endwyn's Flickering Gauntlets
32584HandsLooted Plate
Emberspark Plate Legguards
325Legs Scorched Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Emberspark Plate Leggings
325Legs Plate
Emberspark Plate Gloves
325Hands Plate
Emberspark Plate Gauntlets
325Hands Scorched Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Emberspark Plate Chestguard
325Chest Scorched Satchel of Helpful Goods Plate
Emberspark Chestplate
325Chest Plate
Drape of Neferset Destruction
325Back Back
Downfall Hammer
32584One HandLooted One-handed Mace
Crashing Idol Chestguard
325Chest Mail
Cloak of Rich Anger
32584BackLooted Back
Chestguard of the Caring Ursine
32584Chest Big Crate of Salvage Leather
Chain Reaction Hood
325Head Leather
Burning Slagstone Ring
325Finger Scorched Satchel of Helpful Goods Finger
Bulwark of the Scorned Man
32584Off HandLooted Shield
Slashing Thorns
33383Unobtainable Thrown
Stormforged Breastplate
33383ChestCrafted Plate
Scorching Staff
333Two Hand Staff
Scorching Shanker
333One Hand Dagger
Scorching Redoubt
333Off Hand Shield
Scorching Quickblade
333One Hand One-handed Sword
Scorching Pummeler
333One Hand One-handed Mace
Scorching Pike
333Two Hand Polearm
Scorching Pendant
333Neck Neck
Scorching Necklace
333Neck Neck
Scorching Longbow
333Ranged Bow
Scorching Hacker
333One Hand One-handed Axe
Scorching Greatsword
333Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Scorching Gavel
333One Hand One-handed Mace
Scorching Drape
333Back Back
Scorching Cloak
333Back Back
Scorching Cleaver
333One Hand One-handed Axe
Scorching Choker
333Neck Neck
Scorching Cape
333Back Back
Redsteel Helm
33383HeadCrafted Plate
Inflammatory Treads
333Feet Cloth
Inflammatory Hood
333Head Cloth
Inflammatory Cord
333Waist Cloth
Incendiary Helm
333Head Leather
Incendiary Boots
333Feet Leather
Incendiary Belt
333Waist Leather
Firescored Warboots
333Feet Plate
Firescored Helm
333Head Plate
Firescored Girdle
333Waist Plate
Firebrand's Waistguard
333Waist Mail
Firebrand's Helm
333Head Mail
Firebrand's Footguards
333Feet Mail
Zulian Swirling Shield
33385Off HandLooted Shield
Zora's Ward
33383Off HandLooted Shield
Windwalker Blade
33383One HandLooted Dagger
Wildhammer Riding Helm
33383HeadLooted Mail
Wild Hammer
33383Two HandLooted Two-handed Mace
Wand of Untainted Power
33383RangedLooted Wand
Volatile Thunderstick
33383RangedCrafted Gun
Vision-Tainted Treads
333Feet Leather
Vest of Misshapen Hides
33383ChestLooted Leather
Very Manly Staff
333Two Hand Staff
Veneficial Band
33383FingerLooted Finger
Underworld Cord
33383WaistLooted Leather
Umbriss Band
33383FingerLooted Finger
Twilight-Heart Shoulderplates
333Shoulders Plate
Twilight Mirrorshield
333Off Hand Shield
Tsunami Chestguard
33383ChestCrafted Mail
Truth-Seeker Belt
333Waist Cloth
Truthbreaker Shield
333Off Hand Shield
True Archaeologist's Bracers
333Wrists Cloth
Triple-Loop Belt
33385WaistLooted Cloth
Treasure Hunter's Gloves
333Hands Mail
Treads of the Neferset
333Feet Mail
Treads of Terror
333Feet Plate
Treads of Terror
333Feet Plate
Treads of Revelation
333Feet Leather
Torth-Slayer's Staff
333Two Hand Staff
Tooranu's Spaulders
333Shoulders Mail
Tia's Grace
33383TrinketLooted Trinket
Throngus's Finger
33383TrinketLooted Trinket
The Perforator
33383One HandCrafted Fist Weapon
Temple Band
33383FingerLooted Finger
Temple Band
33383Finger Finger
Tauntka's Necklace
33383NeckLooted Neck
Swiftflight Leggings
33383Legs Leather