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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Pattern: Fine Leather Boots
15Looted, Pick Pocketed Leatherworking Pattern
Pattern: Fine Leather Gloves
15Looted Leatherworking Pattern
Plans: Gemmed Copper Gauntlets
15Looted Blacksmithing Plans
Portal Closer's Hammer
15Two Hand The Eye of All Storms Two-handed Mace
Quilboar Tomahawk
1510One Hand One-handed Axe
Ranger's Sash
15Waist Curbing the Plague Cloth
Rat Cloth Belt
1510Waist Cloth
Rat Cloth Cloak
1510Back Back
Rathorian's Cape
1510Back Back
Recipe: Swiftness Potion
15Looted Alchemy Recipe
Recipe: Thistle Tea
15Vendor Cooking Recipe
Ritual Blade
1510One Hand Dagger
Robe of the Keeper
15Chest Cloth
Robes of the Shard
15Chest Cloth
Royal Guard Breastplate
15Chest Wanted: Redridge Gnolls Mail
Rugged Boots
1510Feet Leather
Rusted Chain Girdle
15Waist Curbing the Plague Mail
Rutsak Carriers
15Hands Vengeance for Our Soldiers Leather
Schematic: Mechanical Squirrel Box
15Looted, Fished Engineering Schematic
Scorched Shield
15Off Hand Mutual Aid Shield
Scribe's Satchel
15BagVendor Inscription Bag
Seryl's Promise
15Two Hand They Have Allies, But So Do We Staff
Shadowy Gloves
1510Hands Cloth
Shield of Inner Glow
15Off Hand Shield
Silver Defias Belt
1510Waist Mail
Silver-Edged Blade
15One Hand The Stolen Silver One-handed Sword
Silver-Trim Leggings
15Legs The Stolen Silver Leather
Simple Blouse
1510ChestLooted Cloth
Simple Branch
1510Off HandLooted Off Hand
Simple Kilt
1510LegsCrafted Cloth
Simple Robe
1510ChestLooted Cloth
Singed Boots
15Feet Mutual Aid Cloth
1510Chest Mail
Small Lustrous Pearl
15Looted, Pick Pocketed Simple Gem
Soldier's Wristguards
1510WristsLooted Mail
Sower's Cloak
15Back Back
Spore-Covered Tunic
15Chest Root Samples Leather
Stonesplinter Mace
1510One Hand One-handed Mace
Stretched Leather Trousers
15Legs Leather
Submariner Killer
15Ranged Vengeance for Our Soldiers Wand
Suncrown Hauberk
1510ChestVendor Mail
Survival Knife
15One Hand Curbing the Plague Dagger
Swiftwind Blade
15One Hand Vyrin's Revenge One-handed Sword
The 1 Ring
1510FingerFished Finger
Thun'grim's Axe
15One Hand One-handed Axe
Thun'grim's Dagger
15One Hand Dagger
Thun'grim's Mace
15One Hand One-handed Mace
Thun'grim's Sword
15One Hand One-handed Sword
15Looted, Fished, Mined, Prospected, Pick Pocketed Simple Gem
Tower Watch Bracers
15Wrists Wanted: Redridge Gnolls Cloth
Tranquillien Flamberge
1510Two HandVendor Two-handed Sword
Umbral Axe
15One Hand One-handed Axe
Umbral Dagger
15One Hand Dagger
Umbral Mace
15One Hand One-handed Mace
Umbral Sword
15One Hand One-handed Sword
Unfortunate Treads
15FeetQuest Mail
Unsanitary Gloves
15Hands Vyrin's Revenge Cloth
Veildust Medicine Bag
15Off Hand Off Hand
Very Tranquil Bracers
15Wrists Against the Wind Leather
Veteran Gloves
1510HandsLooted, Fished Mail
Veteran Leggings
1510LegsLooted, Fished Mail
Veteran Shield
1510Off HandLooted Shield
Volunteer's Greaves
1510FeetVendor Mail
Vyrin's Belt
15Waist Vyrin's Revenge Leather
War Blood Cloak
15Back Vengeance for Our Soldiers Back
Watch Captain's Cloak
15Back Wanted: Redridge Gnolls Back
Wax-Polished Armor
1510Chest Mail
Wendigo Collar
1510Waist Leather
Whiteclaw Dagger
15One Hand Remembrance of Auberdine Dagger
Wild Howl Dagger
15One Hand Fall Back! Dagger
Willow Boots
1510FeetLooted Cloth
Willow Bracers
1510WristsLooted, Fished Cloth
Willow Cape
1510BackLooted Back
Woven Copper Ring
1510FingerCrafted Finger
Yowling Cloak
15Back Still Assessing the Threat Back
10 Pound Mud Snapper
15Off HandFished Junk
12 Pound Mud Snapper
15Off HandFished Junk
15 Pound Mud Snapper
15Off HandFished Junk
17 Pound Catfish
15Off HandFished Junk
19 Pound Catfish
15Off HandFished Junk
22 Pound Catfish
15Off HandFished Junk
A Bulging Coin Purse
15 Junk
Barleybrew Light
155Vendor Consumable
Big Bear Steak
1515Crafted Food & Drink
Black Tea
1515Vendor Food & Drink
Blackmouth Oil
15Crafted Other
Bloated Mud Snapper
155Fished Other
Bloated Oily Blackmouth
155 Other
Blue Leather Bag
15BagLooted, Fished Bag
Bottle of Silvermoon Port
15Vendor Food & Drink
Brass Knuckles
1510One HandVendor Fist Weapon
15Created, Looted, Gathered Herb
Briarthorn Bramble
15 Herb
Bristle Whisker Catfish
1515Crafted, Looted, Vendor Food & Drink
Brown Leather Satchel
15BagVendor Bag
Bubbling Water
1515Looted Food & Drink
Cannary's Cache
15 Junk
Captain Sanders' Booty Bag
15Bag Captain Sanders' Hidden Treasure Bag
Ceremonial Leather Ankleguards
1510FeetLooted Leather
Cheery Cherry Pie
15Vendor Food & Drink