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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Taming Rod
10 Quest
Taming Rod
10 Quest
Taming Rod
10 Quest
Taming Totem
10 Quest
Taming Totem
10 Quest
Taming Totem
10 Quest
The Discipline Stick
10Two Hand Show Gnomercy Staff
The Shell Cracker
10Two Hand Show Gnomercy Two-handed Mace
Thin Kodo Leather
10 Leather
Three of Rogues
10 Quest
Tribal Belt
105WaistLooted Leather
Tribal Bracers
105WristsLooted Leather
Two of Rogues
10 Quest
Veiled Grips
10Hands Cleanup on Isle E. Leather
War Torn Cape
105BackLooted Back
Warm Winter Robe
10Chest Cloth
Warrior's Boots
105FeetLooted Mail
Washte Pawne's Feather
1010 Quest
Water-Stained Leather Belt
105WaistVendor Leather
Water-Stained Leather Boots
105FeetVendor Leather
Water-Stained Leather Bracers
105WristsVendor Leather
Water-Stained Leather Gloves
105HandsVendor Leather
Water-Stained Leather Harness
105ChestVendor Leather
Water-Stained Leather Pants
105LegsVendor Leather
Weather-Worn Boots
10Feet Princess Must Die! Leather
Web-Covered Boots
105Feet Cloth
Well-Used Sword
10Main Hand One-handed Sword
White Sparkler
10Off HandVendor Off Hand
White Wolf Gloves
105Hands Leather
White Wolf Gloves
105Hands Leather
Wooden Stock
10Vendor Parts
Worn Heater Shield
105Off HandVendor Shield
Woven Belt
105WaistVendor Cloth
Woven Boots
105FeetVendor Cloth
Woven Bracers
105WristsVendor Cloth
Woven Gloves
105HandsVendor Cloth
Woven Pants
105LegsVendor Cloth
Woven Vest
105ChestVendor Cloth
Bent Copper Tube
10Created, Looted, Vendor Junk
Boar Intestines
10 Cooking
Broken Barn Door
10Off HandLooted Shield
Copper Powder
10 Junk
Empty Poison Vial
1010Looted Other
Empty Poison Vial
1010 Other
Loose Chain Bracers
105WristsLooted Mail
Loose Chain Vest
105ChestLooted Mail
Patchwork Shoes
105FeetLooted Cloth
Ripe Okra
10 Trade Goods
Ripped Ogre Loincloth
10Legs Cloth
Rough Vulture Feathers
10 Junk
Spider Ichor
10 Cooking
Stringy Vulture Meat
10 Cooking
Threshadon Ambergris
10Looted Junk
Tin Powder
10 Junk
Worn Hide Cloak
105Back Back
Blackwood Recurve Bow
94Ranged Bow
Cry of the Wolf
9Ranged Neither Human Nor Beast Gun
Dire Slasher
9One Hand Dagger
Hailwood Chestpiece
9Chest Stranded at the Marsh Mail
Hammer of Controlled Fury
9Two Hand Neither Human Nor Beast Two-handed Mace
Imbued Infantry Cloak
94BackLooted Back
Imbued Pioneer Cloak
94BackLooted Back
Leftover Mechachicken Legs
9Legs A Goblin in Shark's Clothing Mail
Oomlot Staff
9Two Hand Send a Message Staff
Paramedic Bracers
9Wrists Stranded at the Marsh Leather
Pygmy Cloak
9Back Send a Message Back
S.B.R.B. Prototype 1
9Feet Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots Cloth
S.B.R.B. Prototype 2
9Feet Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots Leather
S.B.R.B. Prototype 3
9Feet Zombies vs. Super Booster Rocket Boots Mail
Sharp Edge of Balance
9One Hand Neither Human Nor Beast One-handed Axe
Staff of Earned Tranquility
9Two Hand Neither Human Nor Beast Staff
The Hammer
9One Hand A Goblin in Shark's Clothing One-handed Mace
Yngwie's Vest
9Chest Send a Message Leather
Agamand Family Bracelet
9Wrists The Family Crypt Leather
Agamand Family Leggings
9Legs The Family Crypt Cloth
Agamand Family Riding Boots
9Feet The Family Crypt Mail
Ancestral Bracers
94WristsLooted Cloth
Ancestral Cloak
94BackLooted Back
Battle Chain Bracers
94WristsLooted Mail
Battle Chain Cloak
94BackLooted Back
Battle Shield
94Off HandLooted Shield
Beaded Cord
94WaistLooted Cloth
Belt of Brill
9Waist Maggot Eye Leather
Billy Club
94Main HandLooted One-handed Mace
Bloodstained Knife
94One Hand Dagger
Bog Boots
94Feet Cloth
Bonecaster Sash
94Waist Cloth
Booster Jets
9Shoulders Cloth
Boots of Brill
9Feet The Grasp Weakens Leather
Boots of Courage
9Feet Evil from the Seas Leather
Boots of the Weary Raider
9Feet It's Raid Night Every Night Leather
Bracer of the Nightly Raid
9Wrists It's Raid Night Every Night Mail
Burnt Leather Belt
94WaistLooted, Fished Leather
Burnt Leather Boots
94FeetLooted Leather
Ceremonial Leggings
9LegsQuest Leather
Charger's Belt
94WaistLooted Mail
Charging Buckler
9Off Hand Shield
Copper Axe
94Main HandCrafted One-handed Axe
Copper Chain Boots
94FeetCrafted Mail
Copper Chain Pants
94LegsCrafted Mail