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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains
By Blood and Ash 5 Alliance
Pick one:
450 XP
Last Stand 5 Alliance
670 XP
Never Surrender, Sometimes Retreat 5 Alliance
Sacrifices 5 Alliance
By the Skin of His Teeth 4 Alliance
Pick one:
Message to Greymane 4 Alliance
Old Divisions 4 Alliance
Save Krennan Aranas 4 Alliance
Time to Regroup 4 Alliance
Royal Orders 3 Alliance
The Prison Rooftop 3 Alliance
While You're At It 3 Alliance
Pick one:
All Hell Breaks Loose 2 Alliance
Evacuate the Merchant Square 2 Alliance
Salvage the Supplies 2 Alliance
Something's Amiss 2 Alliance
Lockdown! 1 Alliance