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Name Req. Level Side Rewards Gains Category
Champion: Eredar Twins 110Warlock Campaign
Champion: Halduron Brightwing 110Hunter Campaign
Champion: Hamuul Runetotem 110Druid Campaign
Champion: Hemet Nesingwary 110Hunter Campaign
Champion: High Inquisitor Whitemane 110
Death Knight Campaign
Champion: Hiro 110Monk Campaign
Champion: Huntsman Blake 110Hunter Campaign
Champion: Jace Darkweaver 110
9 70 Demon Hunter Campaign
Champion: Kira Iresoul 110Warlock Campaign
Champion: Lady S'theno 110Demon Hunter Campaign
Champion: Lilian Voss 110Shaman Campaign
Champion: Lord Darius Crowley 110Warrior Campaign
Champion: Lothraxion 110
Paladin Campaign
Champion: Lulubelle Fizzlebang 110Warlock Campaign
Champion: Magatha Grimtotem 110Shaman Campaign
Champion: Mariella Ward 110
Priest Campaign
Champion: Master Mathias Shaw 110
Rogue Campaign
Champion: Matron Mother Malevolence 110
Demon Hunter Campaign
Champion: Meryl Felstorm 110Mage Campaign
Champion: Millhouse Manastorm 110Mage Campaign
Champion: Minerva Ravensorrow 110Death Knight Campaign
Champion: Muln Earthfury 110Shaman Campaign
Champion: Mylune 110Druid Campaign
Champion: Natalie Seline 110
Priest Campaign
Champion: Rehgar Earthfury 110Shaman Campaign
Champion: Remulos 110Druid Campaign
Champion: Rottgut 110
Death Knight Campaign
Champion: Scaldius 110Shaman Campaign
Champion: Shinfel Blightsworn 110Warlock Campaign
Champion: Sylara Steelsong 110Monk Campaign
Champion: Taoshi 110
Rogue Campaign
Champion: Tess Greymane 110Shaman Campaign
Champion: Thisalee Crow 110Druid Campaign
Champion: Valeera Sanguinar 110
Rogue Campaign
Cleaning Up 1101 Druid Campaign
Cleaning Up 110
Brawler's Guild
Coercing a Confession 1101 Warlock Campaign
Communing With Malorne 1101 Druid Campaign
Court of Stars: Literary Perfection
5 players
110 Horde 19 40 Artifact
Crossing Legion Lines 11019 40 Priest Campaign
Darkheart Thicket: Fallen Power
5 players
11019 40 Artifact
Darkheart Thicket: Nightmare Oak 11038 80 Hunter Campaign
Deadlier Warglaives 11038 80 Demon Hunter Campaign
Deal With It Personally 110
19 40 Demon Hunter Campaign
Deciphering the Letter 110
19 40 Rogue Campaign
Defenders of the Dream 1101 Druid Campaign
Defenders of the World 11019 40 Paladin Campaign
Defending the Isles 11058 20 Druid Campaign
Defense of the Fel Hammer 11038 80 Demon Hunter Campaign
Delicate Enchantments 11019 40 Hunter Campaign
Demonic Runes 11038 80 Warrior Campaign
Destroying the Cult 1101 Shaman Campaign
Doom and Gloom 1102 Warlock Campaign
Elixirs of Aid 11038 80 Priest Campaign
Enduring the Nightmare 1101 Druid Campaign
Enter Nightmare 1101 94 Druid Campaign
Essence of Power 11019 40 Artifact
Essential Consumption 110 Horde
19 40 Artifact
Eternal Unrest 11038 80 Rogue Campaign
Everyone Loves a Good Fight 110
Brawler's Guild
Eye of Azshara: A Magical Affliction 110Mage Campaign
Eye of Azshara: Cleansing the Dreamway 11019 40 Druid Campaign
Eye of Azshara: The Frozen Soul 11038 80 Death Knight Campaign
Eye of Azshara: The Heart of Zin-Azshari
5 players
11019 40 Artifact
Fel Ingredients 11019 40 Monk Campaign
Finding Fizzlebang 110Warlock Campaign
Focusing Our Efforts 1101 94 Artifact
Focusing the Energies 11019 40 Druid Campaign
Forgotten Shadows 110Priest Campaign
Fortifying the Temple 11019 40 Priest Campaign
Freya's Spring 11019 40 Monk Campaign
Gazing Into Oblivion 110
Warlock Campaign
Halls of Valor: Odyn's Blessing
5 players
19 40 Artifact
Halls of Valor: Odyn's Cauldron 11019 40 Monk Campaign
Halls of Valor: The Brewmaster 11019 40 Monk Campaign
Held Captive! 1101 Shaman Campaign
Helya's Horn 11019 40 Warrior Campaign
Herding Goats 1101 Warlock Campaign
High Priest of Netherlight 110
Pick one:
58 20 Priest Campaign
Highmountain Hunters 1101 94 Hunter Campaign
Hope For a Cure 11019 40 Monk Campaign
I Am the Slayer! 110
Pick one:
58 20 Demon Hunter Campaign
Impending Danger 11019 40 Monk Campaign
Impending Dooooooom! 11038 80 Mage Campaign
In Defense of Dalaran 110
Pick one:
3 Hunter Campaign
In Search of the Eye 11019 40 Rogue Campaign
Infiltrating Our Enemies 1101 Priest Campaign
Informing Our Allies 1101 Hunter Campaign
Inner Sanctuary 110
9 70 Monk Campaign
Into the Hornet's Nest 1101 94 Mage Campaign
Into the Nighthold 11019 40 Artifact
Into the Oculus 110
Pick one:
58 20 Mage Campaign
Into the Void 1101 Priest Campaign
Jump-Capable 11019 40 Demon Hunter Campaign
Kalec's Plan 110
1 94 Mage Campaign
Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe 1101 94 Mage Campaign
Keymaster Orlis 11019 40 Mage Campaign
Knowing Our Enemy 110Hunter Campaign
Kvaldir on Call 11019 40 Warrior Campaign
Lady Remor'za 11019 40 Mage Campaign