Battle Shout

Battle Shout

Honor Talent
Unlimited range

Reduces the cooldown of Battle Cry by 15 sec and Battle Cry now also affects all nearby allies within 10 yards.


Battle Shout

Critical chance of special attacks increased by 40%.

5 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameBattle ShoutRankHonor Talent
SchoolsPhysicalDamage TypeMelee
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategorySpecial Category
  • Generates no threat
  • Does not engage target
Effect #1

Increase Critical Chance

Value: +40%

Affected Spells

 Ancient Guardian Arcing Light Arcing Light Arcing Light Arcing Light Aura Mastery Aura of Mercy Aura of Mercy Aura of Sacrifice Aura of Sacrifice Avenging Crusader Avenging Crusader Avenging Crusader Avenging Wrath Avenging Wrath Beacon of Light Beacon of Light Beacon of Light Beacon of Light Beacon of Light Beacon of Virtue Blessing of Sacrifice Blessing of Sacrifice Blinding Light Blinding Light Consecration Consecration Consecration Crusader Strike Crusader Strike Devotion Aura Devotion Aura Divine Hammer Divine Hammer Divine Steed Divine Steed Divine Steed Divine Steed Divine Steed Divine Storm Divine Storm Divine Storm Divine Storm Empowered Seals Eternal Flame Eternal Flame Extraction Point Extraction Point Eye for an Eye Eye for an Eye Final Verdict Final Verdict Flash of Light Flash of Light Gateway: The Fel Hammer Gateway: The Fel Hammer Grand Crusader Grand Crusader Greater Blessing of Might Greater Blessing of Might Greater Judgment Guardian of Ancient Kings Guardian of Ancient Kings Guiding Light Guiding Light Hammer of Reckoning Hammer of Reckoning Hammer of the Righteous Hammer of the Righteous Hammer of the Righteous Hammer of the Righteous Hammer of the Righteous Hammer of the Righteous Hand of the Protector Holy Prism Holy Prism Holy Prism Holy Ritual Holy Ritual Holy Shock Holy Shock Holy Shock Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment Judgment of Light Judgment of Light Light of Dawn Light of Dawn Light of the Martyr Light of the Martyr Light of the Martyr Light of the Protector Light's Beacon Light's Beacon Light's Hammer Light's Hammer Light's Hammer Mark of Light Mark of Light Power of the Silver Hand Reckoning Reckoning Retribution Aura Retribution Aura Sacrifice of the Silver Hand Sanctified Wrath Seal of Blood Shield of the Righteous Shield of the Righteous Shield of Vengeance Shield of Vengeance Stoicism Stormcall Stormcall The Fires of Justice The Fires of Justice Tyr's Deliverance Tyr's Deliverance Tyr's Deliverance Ultimate Sacrifice Ultimate Sacrifice Uther's Insight Vindicator Vindicator Wake of Ashes Wake of Ashes Wake of Ashes Wake of Ashes Word of Glory Word of Glory