Promise of Elune, the Moon Goddess

Promise of Elune, the Moon Goddess

Requires Druid

Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath deal 8% increased damage and grant Power of Elune, increasing the healing of your next Regrowth by 30% and reducing its cast time by 5%, stacking up to 20 times.

Spell Details

Spell Details
NamePromise of Elune, the Moon Goddess
SchoolsNatureDamage Type0
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
Proc Chance100%
Procs when
  • Player casts a harmful spell
  • Passive
Effect #1

Proc Trigger Spell

Effect #2

Increase Damage/Healing

Amount: +8%

Affected Spells

 Starfire Solar Wrath Starfall Starfire Starfire L4 Arcane Charge L1 Arcane Charge L5 Arcane Charge Starfall Starfall Starfall Solar Wrath Lunar Strike Hamlet's Wrath Solar Wrath Lunar Strike Solar Wrath Starfall