Sin'dorei Spite

Sin'dorei Spite
Item Level 50
Binds when picked up
Unique-Equipped: Legion Legendary (1)
6 Armor
+8 Intellect
+12 Stamina
+10 Critical Strike (1.35% at L40)
+6 Haste (0.86% at L40)
Equip: Grimoire of Supremacy:
For 25 sec after casting Summon Doomguard, Summon Infernal, or Summon Demonic Tyrant, you and your minions deal 15% increased damage. This effect can be gained only once every 3 min.
Classes: Warlock
Requires Level 40
"So many of our people have been twisted and dominated by the Burning Legion. It's only fitting that we in turn use their own armies against them."
Sell Price: 24 56 43
Winnable by the following class specs: