The Defiler's Lost Vambraces

The Defiler's Lost Vambraces
Item Level 190
Binds when picked up
Unique-Equipped: Legion Legendary (1)
21 Armor
+30 Agility/Intellect
+45 Stamina
+16 Haste (1.11% at L101)
+22 Mastery (1.44 at L101)
+19 Avoidance (3.19% at L101)
Classes: Demon Hunter
Requires Level 101
"While in battle with Loramus Thalipedes atop the Rise of the Defiler, these vambraces flew off the wrists of Razelikh toward the Dark Portal."
Sell Price: 47 57 54
Winnable by the following class specs:
Demon Hunter: