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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Vermin-Gnawed Cloth Boots
18085FeetLooted Cloth
Unkempt Shoes
4FeetLooted Cloth
Twill Boots
5550FeetLooted Cloth
Thread-Bare Cloth Boots
11871FeetLooted Cloth
The Dreamweaver's Ignorance
369100FeetLooted Cloth
Sunbleached Sandals
369100FeetLooted Cloth
Sole-Less Boots
54FeetLooted Cloth
Sodden Cloth Boots
19982FeetLooted Cloth
Scruffy Cloth Boots
22987FeetLooted Cloth
Scraggly Cloth Boots
24590FeetLooted Cloth
100Feet Cloth
Pockmarked Cloth Boots
15080FeetLooted Cloth
Patchwork Shoes
105FeetLooted Cloth
Netherworn Sandals
380100FeetLooted Cloth
Mesh Boots
6459Feet Cloth
Loosely Threaded Boots
6661FeetLooted Cloth
Interlaced Boots
3227FeetLooted Cloth
Gronncloth Boots
29490FeetLooted Cloth
Frost-Rimed Cloth Boots
13277FeetLooted Cloth
Frayed Shoes
4Feet Cloth
Dilapidated Cloth Boots
7267FeetLooted Cloth
Cross-Stitched Sandals
2924FeetLooted Cloth
Crochet Boots
4641FeetLooted Cloth
Canvas Shoes
1712FeetLooted Cloth
Calico Shoes
138FeetLooted Cloth
Brocade Shoes
2318FeetLooted Cloth
Woven Boots
105FeetVendor Cloth
Worn Slippers
5FeetQuest Cloth
Web-Covered Boots
105FeetUnobtainable Cloth
Waterlogged Cloth Boots
5FeetVendor Cloth
Viny Wrappings
7Feet Twisted Hatred Cloth
Vile Slippers
4Feet Vile Familiars Cloth
Trapper's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Trainee's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Thin Cloth Shoes
5FeetVendor Cloth
Thick Cloth Shoes
2217FeetVendor Cloth
Tattered Cloth Boots
5FeetVendor Cloth
Spellbinder Boots
149FeetLooted Cloth
Soft Wool Boots
5Feet Cloth
Soft Fur-Lined Shoes
5FeetUnobtainable Cloth
Snow Boots
1Feet Cloth
Slippers of High Honor
5Feet Rite of Honor Cloth
Simple Shoes
127FeetLooted Cloth
Simple Linen Boots
94FeetCrafted Cloth
Silk Shoes
6Feet Missing Mallet Cloth
Satin Lined Boots
11Feet Warning Fairbreeze Village Cloth
Sandcomber Boots
14Feet Cloth
Russet Boots
3732FeetVendor Cloth
Rugged Trapper's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Recovered Knit Boots
105FeetVendor Cloth
Reconnaissance Boots
14Feet Cloth
Padded Boots
2722FeetVendor Cloth
Northshire Abbot's Shoes
2FeetQuest Cloth
Neophyte's Boots
1FeetVendor Cloth
Native Sandals
138FeetLooted Cloth
Light Cloth Shoes
5FeetVendor Cloth
KTC Executive Slippers
2Feet Trouble in the Mines Cloth
Knitted Sandals
105FeetVendor Cloth
Journeyman's Boots
94FeetLooted Cloth
Irradiated Gnome Boots
1Feet Cloth
Initiate's Slippers
4Feet Fanning the Flames Cloth
Initiate's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Heavy Weave Shoes
1712FeetVendor Cloth
Grizzled Den Boots
6Feet Pilfered Supplies Cloth
Gretchen's Slippers
8Feet The Chill of Death Cloth
Goblin Neophyte's Shoes
1Feet Cloth
Goblin Apprentice's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Goblin Acolyte's Shoes
1Feet Cloth
Gilnean Neophyte's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Gilnean Apprentice's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Gilnean Acolyte's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Gamemaster's Slippers
1FeetUnobtainable Cloth
Fur-Lined Slippers
1Feet Cloth
Flax Boots
5Feet Scourge on our Perimeter Cloth
Farmer's Boots
9Feet Princess Must Die! Cloth
Embroidered Boots
5045FeetVendor Cloth
Dress Shoes
1FeetCrafted Cloth
Disciple's Boots
116FeetLooted Cloth
Dirt-Trodden Boots
8Feet Cloth
Corruptor Slippers
6Feet Cloth
Cavalier's Boots
13Feet Cloth
Boots of Changing Fortune
2Feet Consort of the Sea Witch Cloth
Bog Boots
94Feet Cloth
Boatwork Boots
7Feet Washed Up Cloth
Bloodsail Boots
1Feet Cloth
Beaded Sandals
105FeetLooted Cloth
Banana Peel Slippers
7Feet Monkey Business Cloth
Apprentice's Boots
1FeetVendor Cloth
Apprentice's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Apprentice's Boots
1Feet Cloth
Ancestral Boots
116FeetLooted Cloth
Acolyte's Shoes
1FeetVendor Cloth
Woolen Boots
1914FeetCrafted Cloth
Wolf Fur Boots
10Feet Protect the Frontier Cloth
Withered Slippers
810101Feet Cloth
Windwool Boots
38485FeetCrafted Cloth
Windswept Sandals
57198FeetLooted Cloth
Windshaper Treads
593FeetQuest Cloth
Windseeker Boots
25FeetUnobtainable Cloth
Windchaser Footpads
4439FeetLooted Cloth