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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Vexing Armada
369100LegsLooted Cloth
Vermin-Gnawed Cloth Pants
18085LegsLooted Cloth
Unkempt Pants
2LegsLooted Cloth
Twill Pants
5954LegsLooted Cloth
Thread-Bare Cloth Pants
11871LegsLooted Cloth
Sunbleached Pants
369100Legs Felborne Trapper Cloth
Sodden Cloth Pants
19982LegsLooted Cloth
Scruffy Cloth Pants
22987LegsLooted Cloth
Scraggly Cloth Pants
24590LegsLooted Cloth
Ripped Ogre Loincloth
10Legs Cloth
Pockmarked Cloth Pants
15080LegsLooted Cloth
Plagueheart Leggings
180Legs Cloth
Patchwork Pants
83LegsLooted Cloth
Pants of Faith
180Legs Cloth
Netherworn Pants
380100Legs Cloth
Mesh Pants
6762Legs Cloth
Loosely Threaded Pants
6661LegsLooted, Pick Pocketed Cloth
Leggings of Faith
180Legs Cloth
Interlaced Pants
3934LegsLooted Cloth
Gronncloth Loinwrap
29490LegsLooted Cloth
Gladiator's Silk Trousers
170Legs Cloth
Gladiator's Satin Leggings
170Legs Cloth
Gladiator's Mooncloth Leggings
170Legs Cloth
Gladiator's Felweave Trousers
170Legs Cloth
Frost-Rimed Cloth Pants
13277LegsLooted Cloth
Frostfire Leggings
180Legs Cloth
Frayed Pants
2Legs Cloth
Dilapidated Cloth Pants
7267LegsLooted Cloth
Cross-Stitched Pants
2722LegsLooted Cloth
Crochet Pants
4540LegsLooted Cloth
Canvas Pants
2015LegsLooted Cloth
Calico Pants
116LegsLooted Cloth
Brocade Pants
2116LegsLooted Cloth
Woven Pants
105LegsVendor Cloth
Weed Fiber Pants
8Legs Weed Whacker Cloth
Webbed Pants
3Legs Cloth
Waterlogged Cloth Pants
5LegsVendor Cloth
Uncle Stonefield's Pants
8Legs Goldtooth Cloth
Tuxedo Pants
35LegsCrafted Cloth
Trapper's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Trainee's Leggings
1Legs Cloth
Torn Gnome Pants
1Legs Cloth
Thorncaller Trousers
3Legs Stop the Thorncallers Cloth
Thin Cloth Pants
5LegsVendor Cloth
Thick Cloth Pants
2217LegsVendor Cloth
Tattered Cloth Pants
5LegsVendor Cloth
Tapered Pants
5Legs Cloth
Survival Leggings
9Legs None Left Behind Cloth
Sturdy Cloth Trousers
8Legs Cloth
Striding Pants
5LegsQuest Cloth
Squire's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Solliden's Trousers
83Legs Cloth
Simple Linen Pants
72LegsCrafted Cloth
Sedgeweed Britches
5Legs Iverron's Antidote Cloth
Russet Pants
3732LegsVendor Cloth
Rugged Trapper's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Ripped Pants
5Legs Cloth
Recruit's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Recovered Knit Pants
105LegsVendor Cloth
Rancher's Trousers
8Legs Protecting the Herd Cloth
Raggedy Cloth Cutoffs
5Legs Cloth
Prisoner's Shorts
10Legs Cloth
Perimeter Britches
2Legs Hold the Line! Cloth
Padded Pants
2722LegsVendor Cloth
Newly Weaved Pants
10Legs Cloth
Neophyte's Pants
1LegsVendor Cloth
Neophyte's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Light Cloth Pants
5LegsVendor Cloth
Lace Pants
12Legs Cloth
Kul Tiras Leggings
7Legs From Bad to Worse Cloth
Knitted Pants
105LegsVendor Cloth
Innkeeper's Longstockings
5Legs Report to Goldshire Cloth
Initiate's Leggings
4Legs The Way of the Huojin Cloth
Homespun Leggings
6Legs Still Good! Cloth
Heavy Weave Pants
1712LegsVendor Cloth
Hand Sewn Pants
5LegsQuest Cloth
Haliscan Pantaloons
35LegsCrafted Cloth
Guard's Leggings
6Legs The Dead Scar Cloth
Goblin Neophyte's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Goblin Apprentice's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Goblin Acolyte's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Gilnean Neophyte's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Gilnean Apprentice's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Gilnean Acolyte's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Gilded Leggings
6Legs Unleash the Beast Cloth
Fancy Pants
3Legs Rolling with my Homies Cloth
Embroidered Pants
5045LegsVendor Cloth
Dwarven Cloth Britches
3LegsUnobtainable Cloth
Bloodsail Pants
1Legs Cloth
Battleworn Pants
1Legs Cloth
Aversion Leggings
3Legs Invaders in Our Home Cloth
Apprentice's Pants
1LegsVendor Cloth
Apprentice's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Apprentice's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Agamand Family Leggings
9Legs The Family Crypt Cloth
Acolyte's Pants
1LegsVendor Cloth
Acolyte's Pants
1Legs Cloth
Woodland Leggings
52Legs A Little Help From My Friends Cloth
Wizardweave Leggings
5550LegsCrafted Cloth
Windwool Pants
38485LegsCrafted Cloth