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Name Level Req. Level Slot Source Type
Soul of the Shadowblade
910101Finger Finger
Archaic Meditation Crystal
880 Holy Relic
Argussian Wrought Blade
880 Iron Relic
Construct Forge Cinder
880 Fire Relic
Cragscaler Heart
880 Blood Relic
Crystallized Aether
880 Arcane Relic
Petrified Seedling
880 Life Relic
Phial of Kaarinos Frost
880 Frost Relic
Skyfin Tail Barb
880 Storm Relic
Voidbent Isolon Effigy
880 Shadow Relic
Wakener's Demonic Focus
880 Fel Relic
Doomsinger Crown
810101Head Cloth
Doomsinger Cuffs
810101Wrists Cloth
Doomsinger Gloves
810101Hands Cloth
Doomsinger Leggings
810101Legs Cloth
Doomsinger Mantle
810101Shoulders Cloth
Doomsinger Robes
810101Chest Cloth
Doomsinger Sash
810101Waist Cloth
Doomsinger Slippers
810101Feet Cloth
Foul-Sadist's Seal
810101Finger Finger
Garothi Breastplate
810101Chest Plate
Garothi Gauntlets
810101Hands Plate
Garothi Greaves
810101Legs Plate
Garothi Helmet
810101Head Plate
Garothi Pauldrons
810101Shoulders Plate
Garothi Sabatons
810101Feet Plate
Garothi Vambraces
810101Wrists Plate
Garothi Waistplate
810101Waist Plate
Krokul-Bone Pendant
810101Neck Neck
Nath'raxxan Boots
810101Feet Mail
Nath'raxxan Chestguard
810101Chest Mail
Nath'raxxan Coif
810101Head Mail
Nath'raxxan Girdle
810101Waist Mail
Nath'raxxan Gloves
810101Hands Mail
Nath'raxxan Leggings
810101Legs Mail
Nath'raxxan Spaulders
810101Shoulders Mail
Nath'raxxan Wristguards
810101Wrists Mail
Stygian Armbands
810101Wrists Leather
Stygian Belt
810101Waist Leather
Stygian Boots
810101Feet Leather
Stygian Grips
810101Hands Leather
Stygian Mask
810101Head Leather
Stygian Shoulderguards
810101Shoulders Leather
Stygian Trousers
810101Legs Leather
Stygian Vest
810101Chest Leather
Twisted-Ritualist's Shawl
810101Back Back
Ardent Gavel
680One Hand One-handed Mace
Annihilan Heart
650101 Fire Relic
Augari Manuscript
650101 Arcane Relic
Dram of Light
650101 Holy Relic
Ethereal Anchor
650101 Shadow Relic
Fulminating Arcstone
650101 Storm Relic
Marsuul Egg
650101 Life Relic
Narouan Fin
650101 Frost Relic
Stygian Munition Casing
650101 Iron Relic
Ur'zul Ichor
650101 Blood Relic
Vilefiend Fang
650101 Fel Relic
Terrific Tankard O' Terror
600Off Hand Off Hand
Armsmaster's Greataxe
600Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Assassin's Serrated Dagger
600One Hand Dagger
Bloodcaked Runeblade
600Two Hand Two-handed Sword
Brewmasher's Staff
600Two Hand Staff
Burnished Charm
600101Trinket Trinket
Communal Bindings
600100Wrists Cloth
Communal Boots
600100Feet Cloth
Communal Cowl
600100Head Cloth
Communal Gloves
600100Hands Cloth
Communal Mantle
600100Shoulders Cloth
Communal Pants
600100Legs Cloth
Communal Robe
600100Chest Cloth
Communal Sash
600100Waist Cloth
Defender's Bulwark
600Off Hand Shield
Defender's Longsword
600One Hand One-handed Sword
Demonologist's Staff
600Two Hand Staff
Destructive Spellstaff
600Two Hand Staff
Dingy Golden Band
600Finger Finger
Dull Onyx Band
600Finger Finger
Duskfall Daggers
600One Hand Dagger
Earthmender's Shield
600Off Hand Shield
Earthmender's Talons
600One Hand Fist Weapon
Felsoul Cord
600100Waist Cloth
Felsoul Cowl
600100Head Cloth
Felsoul Handwraps
600100Hands Cloth
Felsoul Leggings
600100Legs Cloth
Felsoul Robe
600100Chest Cloth
Felsoul Sandals
600100Feet Cloth
Felsoul Shoulderpads
600100Shoulders Cloth
Felsoul Wristwraps
600100Wrists Cloth
Frostcore Staff
600Two Hand Staff
Frost-Etched Runeblade
600One Hand One-handed Sword
Greataxe of Fury
600Two Hand Two-handed Axe
Guardian's Oaken Spear
600Two Hand Polearm
Heart-Lesion Breastplate
600100Chest Plate
Heart-Lesion Gauntlets
600100Hands Plate
Heart-Lesion Girdle
600100Waist Plate
Heart-Lesion Helm
600100Head Plate
Heart-Lesion Legplates
600100Legs Plate
Heart-Lesion Pauldrons
600100Shoulders Plate
Heart-Lesion Sabatons
600100Feet Plate
Heart-Lesion Vambraces
600100Wrists Plate