A Fool's Errand

Obtain the Tiara of the Deep and Gahzrilla's Electrified Scale.


I heard that a troll in here, Hydromancer Velratha I think she was called, has come into the possession of a very rare, beautiful, and powerful piece of jewelry called the Tiara of the Deep. She uses it to control the powerful demigod Gahz'rilla, whose very scales are said to crackle with energy. Do you know what all of that means, <race>?

I need it! Kill Velratha, take the Tiara of the Deep, and kill Gahz'rilla for one of his scales. Bring them all back to me pronto! I'll reward you handsomely.


You will be able to choose one appropriate item for your class from the following rewards:

Pauldrons of Zul'Farrak Electrified Leggings
Belt of the Deep Bilgewhizzle's Armbands

You will also receive:

Level 44