We Require More Minerals!

Collect 20 Animatable Stone chunks from the Lion's Landing quarry. Lion's Landing Engineers carry them, or you can destroy stone slabs with collateral damage to blow them into chunks you can carry.


Gnomes are excavating a stone quarry to the northeast. They're building stuff with it! <Zazzix rolls his eyes.> They're too stupid to realize it's special mogu stone for creating animated statues. WE can mix with a little Goblin magic juice to make some real big explosions! But the stuff is heavy. They've got some of their stupid bomb-bots there for excavating the stone. Blow 'em up near slabs and you'll get chunks small enough to carry. Or, just kill 'em and take it. Whatever works.


You will receive:

Lesser Charm of Good Fortune

You will also receive:

Level 81