Residual Burn

Residual Burn

Unlimited range

Secondary targets of Inferno Strike are afflicted with Residual Burn, taking 500% increased damage from Inferno Strike for until cancelled.


Residual Burn

Inferno Strike damage taken increased by 500%.

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameResidual Burn
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategoryNone
  • Can be cast while mounted
  • Is debuff
  • Allow while sitting
  • Disregards immunity effects
  • Can be cast while stealthed
  • Can't be reflected
  • Doesn't require line of sight
  • Cannot critically hit
  • Cannot critically hit
  • Cannot miss
  • Can be cast while stunned
  • Can be cast while feared
  • Can be cast while confused
Effect #1


Value: 500 (10 Player Heroic Raid)

Value: 500 (25 Player Heroic Raid)