Deadly Poison

Deadly Poison

100 yd range
Requires Rogue

Coats your weapons with a Lethal Poison that lasts for 60 min. Each strike has a 30% chance to poison the enemy for [ 37.8% of Attack Power ] Nature damage over 12 sec. Subsequent poison applications will instantly deal [ 4.5% of Attack Power ] Nature damage.


Deadly Poison


Suffering [ 6.3% of Attack Power ] Nature damage every 2 seconds.

12 seconds remaining

Spell Details

Spell Details
NameDeadly Poison
SchoolsNatureDamage TypeMelee
Global CooldownNoneCooldown CategorySpecial Category
Dispel TypePoisonClassRogue
Skill LineRogue
  • Cannot be avoided
  • Can be cast while stealthed
  • Can't be reflected
  • Doesn't require line of sight
Effect #1

Periodic Damage